Problems deploying an application written in VB5.0 which utilizes this rather nice calender control shipped with VB5 (SP3 ?) called msacal70.ocx "Microsoft Access Calendar Control". Shipping program using MicroSoft VB Set-up wizard. Everything registers ok on destination PC except for this control. It replies that "An error occured while registering the file c:\windows\system\msacal70.ocx".
on launch OK until "Runtime error 339 msacal70.ocx not correctly registered. File is missing or invalid" which occurs as soon as the control is called from within the program. The quick fix was to install a minimal VB onto the destination PC. This worked. However installing it on any other PC causes this problem. Note! Access/Office NOT installed on destination PC. Anyone had similar problems. Yes I have checked that the setup wizard is used correctly and that it is definately referring to the control before making installation disks.
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I ran a dependency walker on MSACAL70 and found the following:

Here is a list of files that MSACAL70 probably needs:
Make sure these files are part of the setup.

In addition, these files may also be needed:

StewartWoodAuthor Commented:
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I've had similar problems like this

Is MSACAL70.OCX actually installed ?

Look in SETUP.LST for your installation disk.  Is the OCX there?  is any further info given?

Use windows explorer to search the directory containing the OCX.  Use option advanced - containing  text, to search for the string selfregister - if found the OCX is self registering and this should be reflected in your .LST

You could also run REGEDIT /v on the installation PC to see if any registry info has gone accross (This is complicated though and I'm still studying this myself)
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Remember that the OCX is not inclusive.  It is just the vehicle that gets you to the library (DLL).  Make sure you have included all DLL's the control requires.

Most OCX files for developers ship with a .DEP file which lists the dependancies for the OCX.

Check for a file called msacal70.dep on the developement machine.  It will give you the dependant files required to install msacal70.

I submit this as a comment.  If it solves your problem, let me know and I'll resubmit it as an answer.
StewartWoodAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for the above assistance. Yes it is in the setup lst, no there is no DEP file for MSACAL70.OCX. Will probably invest half a day and write my own calender control. VB's Date variables are pretty handy. Shame thought as it's a handy OCX. I shall leave this question pending for the moment but thankyou for your comments
There is another file called Vb5dep.ini located in the setupkit\kitfil32 directory under VB5.  This might tell you what you need to know.
Oops.  I forgot one that should be in the second list:
I had a similar problem recently, and this turned out to be the problem.

It seems that the file MSCVRT40.DLL in my WinNT\System32 directory was some OEM-installed version of which Microsoft was not aware. This file is the "C" Run-Time DLL, and was not working with the SetUp program.

      The Official Microsoft release is:
           File Version: 4.10.6038.

      The BAD OEM version was:
           File Version: 4.20 - OS use only. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE

You can look at the version of the files my right-clicking on the filename then choose Properties, then Version.

If this is not your exact problem, you might get lucky and find some strange file version in one of your other files!

Good Luck!

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