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C++ and DOS

Dmitriy asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-02
Does anyone know how to create programs for dos invironment but run them in a DOS windon?
I want to use graphics, but they do not work under Windows.
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Hmmm...it doesn't sound too complicated.  I need to know a few things, though:

1.  Do you have win95?
2.  Do you have a specific program you need to get finished?  (i.e. A piece from the code that references the graphics.)


You can run graphics in a dos 'shell'.  Which means you have to be full screen dos, not a window.   You still are running win95.

Yeah, that's basically what I was trying to explain.  I can give you some code to run in DOS, but the graphics are going to be a little hard to come by if you are currently using Visual C++.  VCPP is really easy to use, but it defeats the purpose of C++ in the long run.



kellyjj, I need a specific header or a code that I should include inside the code that would run the program in the DOS mode and with graphics.  

topace, I have Borland C++ ver.4.5
I have windows 95.  I had  a very simple project to do, but I wanted to include colors as extra. U know, change a background and the text colors...  So I tried to include the header <graphics.h> but got an error telling me that the program could not use colors under windows environment.
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vmpn,  In target type, I do not see the "Dos executable".  Do you mean Application (.exe)?

Try it.

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