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Problems with Compiling OWL App under BC++5.02

tadams asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
I have a project for Windows 95 that won't compile.  I have tried everything.  My brother compiles my App just fine on his computer.  I get two different types of error messages.  First, I get a dialog that says "You have accidently used the Dummy version of OWLMain" or something like that.  Then if I do a complete rebuild, I get errors like so.

Info :Linking C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\ScanSave\OUTPUT\scansave.exe
Error:  Error: Unresolved external 'TScanSaveOptionsDlg::TScanSaveOptionsDlg(TWindow*,const char*,unsigned int,bool,unsigned long,TModule*)' referenced from C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\SCANSAVE\OUTPUT\SCANSAVEOPTIONSDIALOG.OBJ
Error:  Error: Unresolved external 'TImagingOptionsPage::TImagingOptionsPage(TPropertySheet*,TResId,const char*,TResId,TModule*)' referenced from C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\SCANSAVE\OUTPUT\SCANSAVEOPTIONSDIALOG.OBJ
Error:  Error: Unresolved external 'TDriveOptionsPage::TDriveOptionsPage(TPropertySheet*,TResId,const char*,TResId,TModule*)' referenced from C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\SCANSAVE\OUTPUT\SCANSAVEOPTIONSDIALOG.OBJ

I assure you I don't have dummy version of OWLMain, and I don't have unresolved externals.  Otherwise, how could my brother's computer possibly compile it?

I will award 300 points because I have been looking for the answer for 3 weeks, and it is likely that no one will get it.  But I have heard that other people had the same problem, but didn't remember how they got rid of it.

One more thing.  Just so everyone doesn't reply for nothing.  I have tried creating a new project, and adding files to it, and it still won't work.

Also note that when I backed up my project, it was working fine.  When I restored it after reinstalling my system, it stopped working.

Makefile Generated by the IDE

# Borland C++ IDE generated makefile
# Generated 29/05/98 at 12:27:27 AM

# Borland C++ tools
IMPLIB  = Implib
BCC32   = Bcc32 +BccW32.cfg
BCC32I  = Bcc32i +BccW32.cfg
TLINK32 = TLink32
ILINK32 = Ilink32
TLIB    = TLib
BRC32   = Brc32
TASM32  = Tasm32
# IDE macros

# Options
LinkerLocalOptsAtW32_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe =  -Tpe -aa -V4.0 -c -LC:\BC5\LIB
ResLocalOptsAtW32_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe =
BLocalOptsAtW32_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe =
CompInheritOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe = -IC:\BC5\INCLUDE; .\HEADERS -DSTRICT;_OWLPCH;
LinkerInheritOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe = -x
LinkerOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe = $(LinkerLocalOptsAtW32_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe)
ResOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe = $(ResLocalOptsAtW32_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe)
BOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe = $(BLocalOptsAtW32_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe)

# Dependency List
Dep_ScanSave = \

ScanSave : BccW32.cfg $(Dep_ScanSave)
  echo MakeNode

Dep_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe = \

.\OUTPUT\scansave.exe : $(Dep_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe)
  $(ILINK32) @&&|
 /v $(IDE_LinkFLAGS32) $(LinkerOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe) $(LinkerInheritOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe) +

.\OUTPUT\diskcopy.obj :  diskcopy.cpp
  $(BCC32) -c @&&|
 $(CompOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe) $(CompInheritOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe) -o$@ diskcopy.cpp

Dep_dbOUTPUTbscansaveoptionsdialogdobj = \

.\OUTPUT\scansaveoptionsdialog.obj : $(Dep_dbOUTPUTbscansaveoptionsdialogdobj)
  $(BCC32) -c @&&|
 $(CompOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe) $(CompInheritOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe) -o$@ scansaveoptionsdialog.cpp

Dep_dbOUTPUTbscansavedobj = \

.\OUTPUT\scansave.obj : $(Dep_dbOUTPUTbscansavedobj)
  $(BCC32) -c @&&|
 $(CompOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe) $(CompInheritOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe) -o$@ scansave.cpp

.\OUTPUT\scansave.res :  scansave.rc
  $(BRC32) -R @&&|
 $(IDE_ResFLAGS32) $(ROptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe) $(CompInheritOptsAt_dbOUTPUTbscansavedexe)  -FO$@ scansave.rc
# Compiler configuration file
BccW32.cfg :
   Copy &&|
| $@
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If it compiles fine on your brother 's computer :
You should compare the settings of BC++ in your computer with  your brother computer 's settings.
The same for the IDE projects
( toggle the Show RunTime nodes in  Properties\Environment options )

May I suggest you give more information about your project options

By the way, I point out a long file name : scansaveoptionsdialog      Is it the only one ?


These are the runtime nodes that are included with the project.  Since the project cannot be any different than on my brothers computer, there is no need to check with him.  After all, I already copied all the files from him, and am using them to try the compile.  Also, I have reinstalled my BC++, and so did he.  So by default, we should have exactly the same files/settings.

If you still think I should check with him, then let me know.

I have changed my question.  Please look at it again, and there should be some extra text containing a make file I generated from my IDE project.  This will have all the same settings.  I also add another comment just before the makefile.


Edited text of question


To JPM.  I found the answer, and it has something to do with your comment.  If you can tell me what it is, I will award you your 300 points!  Until you respond, no one will get any points, so take your time.

Hint: Most people would not have this problem, nor is it a BC++ problem.

I had a similar problem before, but I had forgotten.
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Two possibilities :

1   -   Long file names not supported         ( option ? )
    ( you said it's not a BC++ problem )

2 -              ( pretty usual )
I guess when you display the run-time nodes you can see the Borland OBJ and Borland LIB you need   for example : Cow32.obj  owlwfi.lib .........
....and one ( or more ) was missing to get your program compiling fine.

Even it's not the good answer, i'm very glad you are not stucked anymore!!!
it's very frustating  wasting so long time with  ( sometimes!) very insignificant stuff.



You were right on your comment.  It is a Long filename problem.  I have my Windows machine set so that long filenames take the form  (first 8 characters of filename followed by extension) instead of (first 6 characters followed by ~x where x is 1-9).

I had the main cpp file as scansave.cpp, and another as ScanSaveOptionsDlg.cpp.  This caused the Scansave.obj to be overwritten with ScanSaveOptionsDlg.obj.  Hence both long filenames produce an object file with a dos filename of scansave.obj.
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