Changing caption color of awindow

Window Caption color change:

      I need to change the caption color of the window, it is always displaying in blue color
when the window is active and in gray when it is inactive. I want to change caption color to Green when it is active.
Can anybody suggest how to change the caption color of the window.


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evijayConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can go to display properties in windows (Control Panel -->  Display --> Appearance) and Select item choice box as
Active Title bar and then select the color you want !!.

If you are using unix platform, i want the specific unix you are using for suggesting the tool and procedure.

Ravi052898Author Commented:
Edited text of question
In java, there is no way.

You can give the environment you are working in and based on it, you can use some desktop tools to set the caption color etc.,.
I can suggest the tool if you want.

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Ravi052898Author Commented:
Please suggest the tool, but I a want solution that can be solved
by java program , I need to change the color of th caption  dynamically
How about implementing a Window class instead of a Frame class, and drawing bordures & caption by yourself? This is not so hard; the caption rectangle needs only to follow the movement of the mouse.

I am sorry but I tried what I said in the previous comment, and it can't work because Window class creates a modal window.

So the answer to your question is: you can't change the window's caption rectangle's color in Java. It is handled by the window manager.

You should think of creating alternative visual cues if you want the attention of the user.

You could probably do it with a native method.

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