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From Access to MSSQLSERVER

mativare asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-03
Using VB5, MSSQL server 6,5,   DAO
I have mdb database and linked with server exsisting empty table(dbo_cheque)I wanted to move table contents to MSSQL server
sql = "INSERT INTO dbo_cheque SELECT * FROM chequeproper;"
 db.Execute sql

I am getting error message 3070 : MS Jet does not recognize "aaaa"(my mdb fieldname) as a valid field name
I tried to use several field names over there, result the same.
Any help appreciated
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Your syntax needs to be:

Insert Into dbo_cheque (field1,field2,field3...) select fromfld1,fromfld2,fromfld3... from fromtabl [optional where clause]

You need to enumerate the fields inserted.  You need to have rights on the server.  You need to include all necessary key fields, foreign key constraints, not null fields etc to make it happen.

Be sure to have the same number and type of the fields in both dbo_cheque and chequeproper. They have to be at the same order as well for your Qry to be executed correctly.
What you really need is the Access to SQL Upsizing tool from Microsoft.  

Another way is to physically go to access and export the tables to MSSQL .


But I cannot use Upsizer in this case, because I insert data in run time, it means every time client enters row data to excel spreadsheet(linked to Access), it inserts row SQLserver too(linked via Access)
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