Space indicated on disk but not available

When transferring data from one drive to another I am getting this message   There is not enough disk space on Drive E: Delete one or more files or use a different drive. However, both the Windows Explorer and the My Computer programs indicate there is 380 Mb of unused space on this disk. I am transferring graphics from a program called Forte agent and using a graphics browser called MGI Photo Suite to do so. I have not as yet tried to transfer any other type of files or other programs.
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busukaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe your problem is quite simple: you have lot of so-called
"lost space". Run Scandisk and it'll correct your problem. Also
Defrag will not hurt as well (run them at least once to month).

If it not helped, you may reject this answer.
With windows 95 it does not like to copy files more than the RAM you have, so you try to do it in small pieces. Win95 before it copies places the files in the swap file, so if you have many other program open there may not be an enought room for the file to be held there. Try to reboot then only open the programs you need, this will increase the space in the swap file. You could also try to increase the size of the swap file.

A couple of questions...

How big is the file you are trying to copy?  When do you get the message, when downloading with Forte or When opening with MGI?

I've copied fairly big files (>20Mb) between drives without problems (regardless of memory or swapspace sizes)

Is drive E a partition on a bigger drive or a drive in itself.  What is the physical size of the disk?

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anzioAuthor Commented:
For MorFF
These are fairly small files, nothing over about 500kb. I have 24 Mb of RAM. Drive E is a partition of a drive about 2.5 gb total and is showing 629mb used and 380mb free. Forte Agent downloads these files from newsgroups and saves them. I then tell Agent to launch them one by one. Forte uses MGI PhotoSuite to open them. If I want to save one I use the File and then the Save As commands. When I specify Drive E: is when I get the error message. Agent is on Drive D, a different partition. I can still save these files on other drives
Sorry, more questions ;-)

Where does Forte save them?  In a temporary area on D?  Can you use explorer to copy files onto E?

Try this, open MGI itself (not thru Forte), use 'file/open' and open one of these files.  Choose 'file/save as...' and try to save it to E.  Same problem??

Cheers - MorFF

the  proposed answer is incorrect. Win95 DOES NOT use the swap file when it copies a file from one disk to another. (micro$oft is not this stupid)

You are running into the problem of "File Slack". if you have any utilities that can display the "allocated space size" then check to see how much is really free. In some versions of Windows you can use a "/V" switch after the dir command (dir /v /s /a) to see the allocated space.

as you may know if you use a 2GB partition each file will take up atleast 32kB (you get this # by dividing 2*1024*1024/65,536). so if you have a 10000 files that each take 1 kB (or 1 byte for that matter) then you'll simple lose 310MB of space from your hard drive.  [because eventhough they use only 10MB, win95 would assign them 320 MB !).

  Just a comment to Jhagen and some MORE questions for Anzio...

  Win95's virtual memory (swap file) will (unless you've told it otherwise) use all the free space available on the drive that Windows is installed on. (i.e., if you have 500mb free, the swap file can grow to that size, which would be it's maximum.)

  You can specify your own settings, but other than telling Windows to create the swap file on your fastest, least fragmented drive, the default settings usually do well enough for typical users and applications.

  The way the data is "swapped" has no bearing on the size of a file being moved or copied. I've moved and copied zipped files of over a gigabyte from disk to disk and from one partition to another, and copied programs from rom drives that had files in excess of 500 megabytes.

  With Anzio's amount of memory, I don't think his problem concerns the swap file. But I wasn't sure what you were trying to do, Anzio; first you said "transferring," then you said the message occured when you were "saving."

  Which makes me wonder... is the message a Windows error message, or generated by the program trying to save the file? Also, how many partitions are on that drive, and what are their sizes? I might have an idea as to what's going on. So let us know what's happening...

anzioAuthor Commented:
For MorFF
Forte is saving these files in its program files area.( I think, at least  that is where the "save as" function seems to show them to be. When I try to open them using MGI photo suite alone they are not indicated as there) The files I can open using MGI alone generate the same message when I try to transfer them to E.
For rin1010
I am transferring files whch are already saved in Forte. The message seems a windows error message since it is generated by other programs also.
Thanx so much to all for your generous assistance. Sorry I cannot get to this computer as much as I would like
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