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winmodem in dos

RSluvSC asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
i have a packardbell 56k winmodem-soundcard combo and i can not get it to work with Duke3d in dos or win95 dos prompt. i had another P.B. with a winmodem and it would work in win95 dos prompt but this one will not. i called PB. and they said i needed a patch of somekind but wanted to charge me $34.95 so i told them to forget it. so i know there is someway to make it work so dont tell me it wont.
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You seem to use the term winmodem to mean "modem".
A Winmodem (USR brand) won't work in Dos.  Simple as that, it was designed to work with Windows.
Yours apparently is a combination soundcard/modem, and the manufacturer told you what you need to make it work in Dos, so I would trust their answer is correct. (They may be the only one with the patch.)
I don't have experience with the 56K version, but other PB combo cards are made for them by Aztech.  Perhaps you can obtain a driver for your card from them.
Try the following website to locate Aztech drivers:
Let me know if you need more.

Do you have any comment to add for rejecting my answer?

RMAROTTA's answer is correct.
Spend the $35.
Also, see the "MS-DOS Games" section of E-E, at:


for additional information.

RMAROTTA deserves to be awarded the points.


Otta do you think i'm to stupid to know where "msdos games" are? and another thing i'm paying almost $2000.00 for this computer i dont think i should have to pay $35.00 for that.

You don't understand the difference between "to" and too".You've just blown $2000 on a piece of junk you obviously know nothing about and you don't recognize good advice when you get it. I think any questions pertaining to your stupidity have already been answered.

You should obtain the newest winmodem driver dated 11-26-96 and certified to work with Windows 95 B available at


the file name is winm336.exe      

Does USR make a soundcard/modem combination?
I don't know for sure, but the name for the driver you mention sounds to me like it is for a 33.6K modem instead of 56K.
It seems to me that the driver for this particular modem is an upgrade option, and must be purchased.

wayneb wrote:
> You should obtain the newest winmodem
> driver dated 11-26-96 and certified to
> work with Windows 95 B available at
>   ftp://ftp.usr.com/pub/usr/dl07/
>   the file name is winm336.exe

Given that the original modem is '56K',
and made by Packard Bell,
why would one "downgrade" to a '33.6K'
modem made by US Robotics,
using software from 1996,
i.e., long before 56K was available ?

Are you still having problems with this modem?

Well this thread is stupid enough.
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RMAROTTA's answer is correct. Spend the $35, if you think that it will solve your problem.
contrary to popular belief SOME winmodems ARE usable through DOS through a TSR program provided by lucent technologies.. i don't have the time or patience for the inconvince of looking this information up for you suffice it to say that if u goto www.ibm.com and search for modems. and look though they're help database such as i did u will find your question answer, and downloadable driver.
i'd assume that if lucent makes one.  your packard bell combo might as well also.
that MIGHT be what the 35.00 is paying for, then agian it is packard bell and also the worst computer company in the world.  Your money not mine.
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