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invisible link

lonewolf asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-09
  Here's my question. I would like to know how to add a link to my page that doesn't show the sites address to the link.
You know, like when you pass the cursor over a link and the address shows up at the bottom of the screen as with the netscape browser.I assume IE also does the same some where also. What I want to do it have a small pic of something on my page with a surprise link. I don't want people to know where it's going to take them till they click on it. Is this possible and how do I do it.

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Where exactly do I place the secret link? Example: My home Page of http://www.excel.net/~clewis/lonewo~1.htm  Also, does the
link have to be a valid one(http://www.yahoo.com)that is going to show during the pass over?In other words if I typed www.secret.com would that be ok?

<a href=http://www.yahoo.com onMouseOver="window.status='this
 here is your secret link </a>

Should it look like this?
<a href=http://www.yahoo.com onMouseOver="window.status='this
<a href=http://www.excel.net/~clewis/lonewo~1.htm></a>


I don't understand fully:

On the matter of the secret.com:  If you want you link not to be a real one then why do you want a link.  I assumed that you wanted a link to something else.

I suggest that you look at the documentation on onMouseOver or feel free to ask more detail here.


Hello, I see that my last repl to this got lost. I will do it again. I do want the link to be a real active link. I just didn't know what you ment. here is the link I would likt to use. Please show me how it should look in html text. I didn't understand the mouse over bit.

Here's how it works:

<A HREF="http://www.excel.net/~clewis/lonewo~1.htm" OnMouseOver="window.status='this appears'; return true;">Very secret. Do NOT click here!</A>

If you wanted to use an image as your link, use

<A HREF="http://www.excel.net/~clewis/lonewo~1.htm" OnMouseOver="window.status='this appears';return true;"><img src="your_image.jpg" border="0"></A>

Let's say you type in: <A HREF="http://www.excel.net/~clewis/lonewo~1.htm"><img src="Tree.jpg" border="0"></A>

When the cursor passes over the image called Tree.jpg, at the bottom of the screen, it will say something like 'http://www.excel.net/', which is what you do not want. But if you type in:

<A HREF="http://www.excel.net/~clewis/lonewo~1.htm" OnMouseOver="window.status='Secret';return true;"><img src="Tree.jpg" border="0"></A>

'http://www.excel.net/' will not appear at the bottom of the screen. What will appear is the word 'Secret'. In that way, people would not know what link it will lead to until they click on the Tree.jpg image and reaches the next site.


thanx,sorry about the time.


I'm confused. The last person to answer my question was auggie? Why doesn't the system credit that person? Am I suppose to refuse the questions and open the question back up if I wanted to credit someone other than the first person that answered the question?Would some one explain the ediquete here.

If you did not mean to accept my answer and feel that someone else should have got the credit, and they really want the points, then let me know.  I do not believe that anyone really answers these questions for the points.  I certainly don't.

And to add to all the confusion, jhurst's answer was the correct one.  Auggy simply restated it.  So, lonewolf, what you might have done by mistake was correct, for all intents and purposes.


No no, it wasn't a mistake. I understood the answers. I just didn't understand the why and how of the grading system. And I didn't really need bigelos to try to point out my ignorance. As for the answer, yes jhurst answered it, by not the follow up question. That auggie did very well.That is the answer I was looking for.jhurst desirves the points for the correct answer. It just raised another question to me, how would I have to deal with the situation if I wanted to give the points to someone else.A mistake on my part in how I worded the last question. I didn't use enuff ifs in the question.How ever the one if in the question should have helped to clue everone in as to what I was getting at.

To give someone else the points, they first have to "answer" the question.  You will notice that every post is a comment, except for the answer.  Of course, there can be only 1 answer at a time.  To let other people answer, to have to first open the question up to other experts.  You can do this via the grading interface.  (It is the last option).

For more information, take a look at:
and scroll down to "An expert answers".


Thankyou,bigelos......sorry about the jab!
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