Screen too small

The picture on my CTX 1451C monitor is too small, even with the controls set as big as it gets.
What is the problem and how easily/cheaply can this be fixed? My world is shrinking.....!
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larbelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your display card allow you to change refresh rate, the easiest/cheapest way is to adjust the refresh rate to suit your monitor.  What display card and refresh rate you're using?
barneymooreAuthor Commented:
My card is a Number Nine 9FX Vision 330 at 60Hz refresh - cannot see a way of changing
this though. The picture used to be OK until a couple of days ago.
Is CTX 1451C a 14" monitor?  If so, 60Hz seem very low even running on 800X600.  If this only happen a couple days ago and was working fine before, it's most likely to be hardware problem...  Try going into Display>Settings>Advance and under Refresh Rate, change to Adapter Default or Optimal to see if it change anything...
What is your operating system?

barneymooreAuthor Commented:
Oops! My monitor has now given up the ghost. I am now accessing this site from a friends
computer. I will now have to pay for repair or buy new! Thanks for offering your help, larbel,
its good that people help others with problems. I'm all for it.

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