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Transaction Queue

flfmdll asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
I need to build a queue processing program. This program will read records from a SQL Server database. It will use this record to access another table and then launch a program or store procedure. The results of this transaction will then be e-mailed.

This seems like something that someone must have done already. Anyone have any leads on this?
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Yes! The answer is....programming!  You've just described the typical mix of operatons that result in a custom database oriented program.  Recomendation: Use VB5 Enterprise Edition, RDO Access method.  You can easily put your resultset read in a slow loop to pick up rows as they appear, then use those results as keys (whatever) to create another SQL statement to perform your lookup in either the same or another database.  VB also has relatively good tools to launch programs and access email systems using MAPI or DDE.  

A slower and poorer alternative to this would be to use Access as an intermediate tool, link your SQL tables to the Access database, and perform parallel type of code in a VBA module in Access.

Much beyond this and you're asking somebody else to do the programmng for you.  If you have specific questions about how to actually perform some of these steps, ask additional questions here.


Okay. I'm not asking someone else to do the programming for me. That's a given. I've been programming in depth for 14 years. This has covered a range of OSs, languages, business needs, etc. But what I am looking for is someone who has done this sort of thing using SQL Server, VB or VC, CGI, and Store Procedures. I'm not necessarily looking for code, but I am looking for paths to follow or not to follow; little known capabilities of SQL, Transaction Server, and IIS. I'm not looking for an in depth analysis, but if there is something that will make my design and implementation cleaner, more robust, and easier then I would like to know about it.

That's all.

I will be using VC rather than VB.
You could probably do the whole thing in SQL if you want to utilize CURSORS.  It might get pretty thick, though.  SQL does not have a decent debugging mechanism for huge routines.

For the last part, you can use XP_SENDMAIL to send mail.  This will also allow for attaching query results as attachments.


What is XP_SENDMAIL? I guess it's not SQL Servers mail? Is XP_SENDMAIL readily available?
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Thank you very much.
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