NT will not detect modem.

I have just upgraded to a new computer with a Amptron PM9700 motherboard and an AMD 233mkz CPU.
I have a Diamond Supra 56i SP modem that worked fine in NT on my old computer (Dell P133c).
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waynebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the windows nt cdrom in the drvlib there is a directory called
pnpisa and in this directory there is a directory called x86 go into this directory and then right mouse click on the file called pnpisa.inf this will install the plug and play service on the Nt box and enable you to use a plug and play device. When you reboot take note on the begining boot screen at what port address the second com port uses. Once rebooted go into control panel and then ports and add a port to the same value that you noted earlier, once again you will be asked to reboot.  On rebooted go back into control panel and then modems, try to redetect your modem again.
wolfthomAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Put the modem in another slot and try again
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rosscoe wrote:
> Put the modem in another slot and try again

The chance of this solving the problem is "zero".

Use Windows NT to display the resources
used by the other devices, and to identify
the conflict.

If that doesn't help, go to your "hardware" page,
and remove COM1 and COM2 and any MODEM information.
Consider removing the sound-card, too.
Shutdown, and reboot, and see what gets detected.  Report back.
wolfthomAuthor Commented:
tried that but it didn't work
wolfthomAuthor Commented:
I used winmsd to display the IRQ's, I/O, DMA there were no conflicts.  If there is another place to look please tell me, as to hardware I went to control panel and removed evrything no to no avail again if there is someplace else please tell me.
I suggested putting the modem in another slot because the authour of the question has bought a cheap shitty motherboard and their was a slight possibility that the slot was faulty
wolfthomAuthor Commented:

I tried placing the card in another slot it didn't do anything
For each of your current devices,
look at the "properties",
and then the "resources",
and please list which IRQs are being used,
i.e., IDE disk controller(s) use IRQ 14 (and 15),
sound-card uses 5 or 7, et cetera,
to see which IRQs are being used.
Don't trust WINMSD's report -- it's usually incomplete.
Mark AertsCommented:
I had the same prob on my usr sportster modem, i turned plug and play off and installed it with jumpers on com2!
Turn plug and play off in the bios! (PNP OS = No)
Check in the startup screen if your comport is detected!
If it's detected in the startup screen (with your harddisk settings and par port and memory ...)  It should work in NT


wolfthomAuthor Commented:

You mention hardware, devices, properties.  I can get to the ones for the hard drives thru SCSI apadters but how do you get to the others.  I know how in 95 but to do the same in NT is something I don't know.  I looked at devices column in WINMSD and there are no dups on any IRQ, DMA, I/O, or Memory
wolfthomAuthor Commented:

I tried it but still no luck.  

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