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Can't install Lilo - Bad cyl #

obg asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-15
I just tried to install Slakware 3.4 on a 2 GB IDE disk. When I tried to install Lilo, it complained about my cylinder number 2081, which is bigger than 1023... This sounds awfully much like old DOS. :-( How do I fix it?
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from what i understand, it doesnt mean you cannot use fdisk w/ that drive.  i just installed slackware 3.4, and recieved the same error.  the reason was because the drive was so large.  linux can handle big drives w/o problem, but lilo, apparently, is only good at recognizing/accessing cylinders up to a certain point.  i use lilo and it works fine, because my main partition starts before cylinder 1024.  does your system boot up to linux?  w/ lilo?  or a boot disk?  if not, you might try repartitioning and arrange your / close to the front, like /dev/hda1, for example.



Thanks for your quick answer. I'm sorry to reject it, but I can't believe that there is no way to make Lilo able to handle bigger disks... As you said, fdisk seems to work fine with that drive.

perhaps there is a way to tell lilo about the geometry of your drive.  try looking into lilo options like:

              Defines  non-standard  parameters for the specified
              disk.  See section "Disk geometry" of user.tex  for

              Specifies  the  name  of  the disk parameter table.
              The map installer looks for /etc/disktab if  `disk-
              tab'  is  omitted.  The use of disktabs is discour-

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I know, but new BIOS:es can handle large disks. Why can't lilo keep up?
New BIOSes can handle large disks but NOT in NORMAL layout. You must use LBA or whatever trick your bios gives you to remap the disk geometry.

Really have you installed ANY OS booting from a partition outside 1024 cyls without a disk driver (which surely LILO supports)?


I know that too, but why can't Lilo use LBA, then?

I must admit, I haven't tried that many boot-menu-systems. I used OS/2's boot manager for a while. - Until I stopped using OS/2 a year (or two) ago. I am not used to speak positively about M$, but isn't their boot upp menu capable of booting NT/95 from large disks?
LILO DOES USE LBA... Maybe your bios gives you more than 1023 cyls EVEN with LBA... Again the problem is a 10 bit number...

Actually I'm using a one partition 6Gb disk with a translation named extended (I don't remember exactly) without any problems... It uses 780 cyls of 4Mb each..

Good Luck,

-- Marcelo


?!?!? I don't know much about the LBA standard at techniqual level, but I do know that my bios (which is almost brand new) reports LBA-disks with far more than 1024 cylinders. If you use a large disk, I'd guess you're lucky having got your boot-strap at a sector which can be contained within that old 16-bits word...

BTW: The problem is already solved long ago. However, the subject is still interresting.
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