Changing text color in JTextArea

Is it possible to change a color of a single line in Swing's JTextArea?

I tried something like

                Color color = processOutputTextArea.getCaretColor();


                processOutputTextArea.append("\n" + input + "\n");


 but that does not have any effect.

And how about font?

Any ideas?
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  MutableAttributeSet attr = new SimpleAttributeSet();
  StyleConstants.setForeground(attr, fg);
  setCharacterAttributes(editor, attr, false); // where editor is JEditorPane

For more info, see the stylepad example that comes with the swing 1.0.x release.

msmolyakAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
msmolyakAuthor Commented:
Are you implying that changing font and color on character by character basis is not possible with JTextArea?
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msmolyakAuthor Commented:
How do I write a string to a JEditorPane (or JTextPane), i.e. what is a method equivalent to JTextArea.append()?
You need to use JEditorPane instead of JTextArea.

 * A TextArea is a multi-line area that displays plain text.
 * It is intended to be a lightweight component that provides source
 * compatibility with the java.awt.TextArea class where it can
 * reasonably do so.  This component has capabilities not found in
 * the java.awt.TextArea class.  The superclass should be consulted for
 * additional capabilities.  Alternative multi-line text classes with
 * more capabilitites are JTextPane and JEditorPane.

So, it is not possible to change the color of single line in JTextArea.
Use JEditorPane instead

msmolyakAuthor Commented:
Do you mind presenting a usable example?  All I am trying to do is to write to that text component and be able to change font and color (that is the component is not editable). I could not figure out how to write to the JEditorPane (or JTextPane which is used in Stylepad).
reating a JTextPane for complex text display requires two simple steps:

                                      1.Create a DefaultStyledDocument to model for the data

                                            DefaultStyledDocument doc = new DefaultStyledDocument();

                                      2.Create a JTextPane using the DefaultStyledDocument

                                            JTextPane pane = new JTextPane (doc);

                                  Once you have a your document, you can make various AttributeSet
                                  objects to describe the content style:

                                  SimpleAttributeSet defaultStyle =
                                    new SimpleAttributeSet();

                                  SimpleAttributeSet italicStyle =
                                    new SimpleAttributeSet();
                                  StyleConstants.setItalic(attr, true);

                                  SimpleAttributeSet bigStyle =
                                    new SimpleAttributeSet();
                                  StyleConstants.setFontSize(attr, 36);

                                  and fill up the JTextPane, associating an attribute set with each paragraph
                                  in the StyledDocument:

                                  doc.insertString (doc.getLength(),
                                    "Hello World\n", bigStyle);
                                  doc.insertString (doc.getLength(),
                                    "What's up Doc?\n", italicStyle);
                                  doc.insertString (doc.getLength(),
                                    "Boring...\n", defaultStyle);

For more details, please go to this url

msmolyakAuthor Commented:
Works beautifully! Thanks.
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