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I have two different apps under development, VB5, on the same machine.  I need the slider control.  In one app, I fumbled around a lot, and succeeded in getting "Windows Common Controls 5.0" added, which includes the slider control.  Didn't write down what I did.  In the other app, I'm going nuts trying to duplicate what I did before.  Can't do it.  Under Project-Components-Controls selecting "Comctl32.ocx" gets me an error which creates a large "" (41K) file, then VB exits.  Please help. - Norm
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zsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ah, yes.  Good ol' Dr. Kervork, er, I mean Watson.

It sounds like either VB has corrupt comcat.dll file or your comctl32.ocx file is corrupt.  In either case, you'll have to amputate.

The best thing to do is install/re-install SP3 of VB.

After than, bring your common controls up to date with the most recent version of the common controls (40Comupd.exe)

Both files are available from Microsoft's web site or ftp site.
normposAuthor Commented:
Yeah - that's what I suspected. Drat. Is it anything that I possibly did? -- Norm
You probably installed an app that didn't play well with others.
normposAuthor Commented:
zsi:  I figured it out, and got mighty annoyed in the process.  I have four VB books, plus the on-screen "help". None of those made clear what I was doing wrong. To get ahold of the "slider", the books told me to grab "Comctl32.ocx".  BAD advice! The correct thing is to grab "Microsoft windows common controls 5.0", which contains comctl32.ocx, and a few others.  How was I supposed to know that? Why do the books hide this secret? It is well known only to those who know it well! Initiation by holding my feet to the fire, when it could be made so direct, just by saying it right.  Further, this stuff is under Project-Components-Controls, when some of the books told me to look under "Tools".

I'm blowing off steam, and your ear just happens to be in the way.  I really do appreciate the help you gave me here, and in other questions of mine you have answered.  You are appreciated.  Thank you deeply and sincerely.  -- Norm
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