Can't show icon using 256 or more color

I had made a Icon which can work properly after I installed MS Plus. However, when I distributed this Icon to other user, I found that it is being gray and poor.

If the user is using Win95 and doesn't have MS Plus installed, is it possible to display icons using 256 or more color?

Or, if you like, I can send the Icon to you for investigating.

**** I will prefer upload the icon to you and convert the icon  for most PCs displayable without MS Plus (if success, additional 100 pts will be gained.)
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I don't think icons can be 256+ colors for people UNLESS they have software installed as others are describing.  I think if you are going to distribute it, you are better off just making it 256 colors because other people HAVE to have that software before it will work.
How did you make yor icon?
To enable true-color icons:
            First of all, your display color-depth needs to be set to 16-bit or higher. Double-click on the Display icon in Control Panel, and click on the Settings tab. Adjust the Color Palette to your liking. Note: Your video card or monitor may not support the higher color depths necessary to use true-color icons.

Next, you need to do one of the following:
Obtain and install Microangelo. Using Engineer, check Show Icon Using All Possible Colors.
Using the Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE), open HKey_Current_User\ Control Panel\ desktop\ WindowMetrics, double-click on Shell Icon BPP (on the right side), and change the value to either 16 or 24 (for 16 or 24-bits, depending on your current settings; 4-bit is 16 colors).
Purchase and install Microsoft's Plus! Pack.

To create true-color icons:
Create a Windows Bitmap (.BMP), 32 pixels by 32 pixels, any color depth, and save it to a directory on your hard disk. In the properties window (right-click on the icon) of any shortcut, choose the Program tab, click Change Icon, and specify your new .BMP file.

It is also possible that the icon does not display because your friend is using a differnt resolution. Try setting the resoltion rate to the same. :)

Hope this helps
Adding information to the bushead´s comment.
If you don´t want to make the icons recipent change the REGISTRY, or purchase Microangelo...

There is a little application called "MULEVEL.EXE" (perhaps it comes with the unregistered version of Microangelo?). This aplication is Freeware, is about 20 Kb, an once you execute it, it makes possible to show the icons with al possible colors...
Once executed, you don´t need it anymore...
It´s the one I use when i create an personalized icon for my multimedia progs.

stAuthor Commented:
I'm very interested in the method that just editing the registry, but I found that there is nothing changed after I changed the "Shell Icon BPP" value into 16.
Is it required more registry to change or any requirement to the PC for success?
Thank you very much.
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