Allocating memory in a device driver

I need to allocate memory in a device driver (atapi).
Somebody tell me ExAllocatePool is wrong in a DD isn't it?
So I am trying to use MmAllocateNonCachedMemory.
The problem is that the compiler says it can't found the
function... and if I include "ntddk.h" it founds a lot
of re-declarations... so I can't obtain the memory
and the driver is sttoped.

Can someone help me?
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Are you including the correct library/.LIB file for MmAllocateNonCachedMemory?
ern31Author Commented:
MmAllocateNonCachedMemory is in ntddk.h as far as I know.
If I include it it doesn't link (repeated simbols)... if
I do it links (assuming extern declaration returning int) but
the drives hungs.
I would suggest you to use ExAllocatePool().  It should be fine.  You can even use NdisAllocateMemory() to allocate non-paged memory.  The problem with redeclaration is probably caused by the order of the include files.  Try have "ntddk.h" as the first header file.
-----from DDK-----
Each call to MmAllocateNonCachedMemory ties up at least a full page of nonpaged system-space memory, whatever the size of the requested allocation. For requests less than a page, any remainder bytes on the page are wasted: inaccessible by the driver that called MmAllocateNonCachedMemory and unusable by other kernel-mode code.

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How do you compile the driver? Hope you know you should use BUILD utility.
What kind of driver is it (custom, network, printer, ...)?
ern31Author Commented:
I have decide it is not posible to allocate dinamic memory in
a device driver (atapi). I compile the driver without any error,
with BUILD of course, but if I use ExAllocate the system crash
(IRQ_LEVEL_NOT_EQUAL...): this is ok (reading DDK it says ExAllocate don't go on device drivers) but if I use MmAllocate
the system crash too (¿?) KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLE.
Well there are *NOT* other system calls to allocate memory so
Anyway thaks for your help.
Of course it IS possible, I made it a lot of times. Here are the examples:

in DriverEntry:
    PA.QuadPart = 0x00000FFFFFFFFF;
    E->ClearBuf = MmAllocateContiguousMemory

in DriverUnload:
    MmFreeContiguousMemory (E->ClearBuf);

in DriverEntry:
E->TestBlock = ExAllocatePool( NonPagedPool, 0x2000);

in DriverUnload:

Try to write the simple driver (for the start), which does nothing but
allocates the memory in DriverEntry and frees it in DriverUnload.
Your problem is probably in the action of the driver, not in the allocation
of the memory.

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