upgrading 3.02 to c/s

I have the developer's edition of 3.02. We have just got the c/s $1700
upgrade.Is there a 3.01 c/s disc and 3.02 patch also? Any info on the
way to upgrade would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


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rickpetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would uninstall pro...and reinstall C/S no telling what Install Shield would do...Everything that's in pro is in C/S.

I try to help people between builds and reboots... =)

Yup...there is...check out the run image of the cd...you should see the timestamp with 3.01

you can download the patch form www.imprise.com for the 3.02 upgrade...

boardtcAuthor Commented:

Thanks for answering all my questions man :-) I checked that out and it's 8/5/97 which is the same as my non client server version so I assume it's 3.01. I'll download the upgrade now. Is it best to keep both versions (non c/s and c/s) or is the c/s all encompassing and I can install on top? Thanks a lot, I am a c/s rookie, leave answer for grade. Tom.
boardtcAuthor Commented:
Rick, You the man, Cheers. Tom.
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