Building the older VC++ sample projects

I was wondering how to build the older MFC samples (the ones with a MAKEFILE that has no extension).
Every time that I try to open it as a workspace, it just opens the MAKEFILE.  I've also tried using NMAKE but I can't seem to figure it out.
I'm using VC++4.
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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open the MAKEFILE and change the output filename and debug filename in the Project Settings to the actual filename. Then build it.
bod_1Author Commented:
OK, I open the MAKEFILE and I see something like this at the beginning;

##### Module Macro #####
NAME      = tdosmem
SRCS      = $(NAME).c
OBJS      =

I don't understand where I'm supposed to change the filename;
In the project settings in DevStudio? In the MAKEFILE after NAME?
When I open the MAKEFILE in dev studio it doesn't open any of the project files.

The project has 8 files;
tdosmem.h & .c


>In the project settings in DevStudio? In the MAKEFILE after NAME?

The project settings in DevStudio. Another way is to simply rename the MAKEFILE as xxx.mak, xxx is the same as the .exe file name.

>When I open the MAKEFILE in dev studio it doesn't open any of the project files.

Yes, it is true. Because it is the old format.
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bod_1Author Commented:
I renamed the makefile same name as the exe name (mak extension) but DevStudio still wont open the project.

What do you mean when you say "DevStudio still wont open the project"? What's the message?
bod_1Author Commented:
It says that the makefile was not generated by Developer Studio ... gonna wrap the makefile ... are you sure you want to convert?

I say sure and the MAKEFILE is the only file included in the Class View or File View.

Most of the older C code samples have this MAKEFILE with no extension and Developer Studio doesn't seem to know what to do with them.

Is there any way to change those MAKEFILEs into a project workspace or a .mak extension file that DevStudio can read and open properly?
There is nothing wrong. You cannot see the files in the Class View or File View. The only way to convert it into a project workspace is to create it manually. Add the files into the project and set the settings according to the MAKEFILE.
bod_1Author Commented:
Thanks Chensu.

Last thing when you have time, what good are those MAKEFILEs then?
Different IDE from DevStudio?
MAKEFILEs can be recognized be other compilers, such as Borland C++.
bod_1Author Commented:
Cool,  I have Borland version 4.something.
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