summing a recordset

i have a recordset created by a sql statement., the recordset is assigned to a datacontrol
i am trying to find a way to move throught the recordset and sum one of the fields.
i triedthe following code but nothing happen
while not datcheck.recordset.eof
 total = total + amt
this worked for the date field... but i want the amt field
any suggestions
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total = total + datcheck.recordset.fields("amt")

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Why not create a SUM query for the field you wish to add up?

Use Access to create the SUM create and call this for your DAO recordset

What a grand idea.  Normally I would have done it that way.  I guess I was just basing my answer on the example csm gave.

Maybe you should reject my answer and allow entretec to answer (with an example).
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