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Problem using 3D acceleration with JediKnight and Diamond Viper V330

PFranz asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
I have a problem with my Diamond Viper V330 and JediKnight:
Everytime I activate 3d acceleration I can play up to 5 minutes until I am returned to the Windows Screen without an Error message. Without 3D the Game runs fine but not as fast . I have an AMD K6 200 MHz computer, 40 MB RAM (70 ns), Diamond Viper V330 Bios version 1.50, Driver Version .126, Direct X 5.0 installed. In my system are a Soundcard (Terratec Gold 16/96) and a Ethernet card installed.

Thank you for the help
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I have the same problem with Fifa98, although i do not use the same 3-D card

check this site:


there is a FAQ about with this info in it:

                      What 3D acceleration cards are currently supported for 3D mode?

                           Video Cards: Diamond Monster 3D, Orchid Righteous 3D,
                           Deltron RealVision Flash3D, Hercules Stingray 128/3D, Creative
                           Labs 3D Blaster, Intergraph Intense 3D 100, Sierra Screamin’
                           3D, and the Matrox Graphics Mystique (4MB version.)

                           Chipsets: 3Dfx Voodoo, Rendition Verite 2200, Rendition
                           Verite 1000-E, and the Matrox MGA-1064SG.

                      What are the system requirements for Jedi Knight?


                           Computer: 100% Windows 95 DirectX compatible computer required.
                           CPU: Pentium 90 or faster required.
                           Memory: 16MB RAM required. 32MB RAM recommended.
                           CD-ROM: Double speed CD-ROM drive required. Quad speed or faster
                           Graphics Card: PCI graphics card required.
                           Sound Card: 100% Windows 95 compatible 16-bit sound card required.
                           Input Device: 100% Windows 95 compatible keyboard, mouse, or joystick
                           DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 5.0 is included with the game and must be
                           installed to play Jedi Knight. Note: Your system may require the "latest"
                           Windows 95 drivers for your particular hardware.
                           Installation: Minimum Installation requires 33 MB free hard drive space (plus
                           an additional 20MB free hard drive space after the install for the swap file).

Is your card the same as the Monster3D? and do you meet the requirement to play?  It is possible you may not---

check this out and make sure your DirectX is installed correctly.



Diamond Viper V330 uses the NVidia Riva 128 Chipset and is not includet in this list of supported 3D cards.
Someone has told me that he is using a Viper V330 with JediKnight without any problems with 3D.
As for the minimum Requirements
 CPU AMD K6 200 MHz
 32 MB RAM 70ns without parity
 4x speed CD-ROM
 PCI Graphics Card (Diamond Viper V330)
 Input devices and soundcard 100% Win95 compatible, Sounddriver not DirectX certified

I think these are met.
Thank you very much.

What is the ERROR Message duke..
That would be a very NICE info to get if you want people to help.
also the Value of errorcode if that shows up too..


There is _no_ Error- message, that is my problem. Not even a dialog box is beeing displayed, windows does only return to the normal win95 desktop.

Thank you very much.
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It seems to me that your answer is indeed correct.
At 166 MHz the AMD K6 200 runs fine with all my games, I have not experienced another dropout since slowing my computer down.
As for cooling I have my cover open, a large CPU cooler with fan, a slot cooler and an secondary fan installed.
How can I get to know if my CPU is remarked?
Is there some other way to get it to run at full speed?

Thank you very much.

Okay, I'll throw this in as a bonus... :P

First of all, you should never run your computer with case open... It might cool down the system, but in long term, your might damage your components (especially HDD) by getting all dusty.  Also, mess up the airflows.

Now, follow these steps and cross your fingers:

1)  Make sure the heatsink and fan are attached to the K6 correctly.  You would need to apply a very thin layer of thermal compond to ensure a good contact.  Direction of the fan should be blowing in the heatsink.
2)  If the secondery fan are located in lower front of the case, it should be sucking air in.
3)  Get an power supply with fan, the fan should be blowing air out of the case.  (It's hard to find an power supply with fan for Baby-AT format, hope you have an ATX format motherboard...)

The important thing for proper cooling is to maintain balanced airflow, the amount of air going in the case should be the same as the air going out.  And the direction should be air  in from lower front to air out on rear top.  Keep in mind that hot air always stay at the top, that's why you should have the power supply fan sucking out air, or add a fan at the very top.  When touched, the case should not have any hot spots.

Slot fan is not a very good option since most of the time it'll mess up the airflows.  But if the above method alone doesn't solve the overheat problem, you might play around with it to see if it helps.  (including changing the direction and position of the slot fan)

There's really isn't any way to tell if the K6 is remarked or not, especially if you buy it OEM, but if you have proper cooling, a K6-166 should do fine even running at 225, a 200 is good for 250 etc..

You might still not believe that your K6 is overheating, because all other apps. seems running very stable except some 3D games.  But since games are the one utiltize CPU the most, hence heats up very fast and that's when you have the dropouts.

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