What is the 'shift' command?

What is the shift command??  I don't have the man pages, the command is being used in a dialup script (for dial access).  Syntax, etc....  thanks guys
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zonker031798Connect With a Mentor Commented:
"Shift" is a builtin to most shells, including sh and csh.
(In other words, this command is executed directly by the
shell itself, and is not run as a separate process a la
"cat", "ls", etc.)

Its function is to shift the parameters supplied to the shell
as arguments in order to move the next argument to the head
of the list.

For example, this script:


echo $*
echo $*

when run as follows:

/test-script 1 2 3 4

produces this output:

1 2 3 4
2 3 4

Shift is usually used in shell programs to parse arguments.
assuming you're talking about sh

shift [n]
                The positional parameters from $n+1 ...  are renamed $1 ...;
                default n is 1.  The parameter n can be any arithmetic
                expression that evaluates to a non-negative number less than
                or equal to $#.
kellyjjAuthor Commented:
Can you give me an example??  Thanks
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kellyjjAuthor Commented:
Can you give me an example??  Thanks
Didn't you say you had an example in a dialup script?

sh -c 'echo $1,$2,$3; shift; echo $1,$2,$3; shift 2; echo $1,$2,$3' - a b c d e f g
kellyjjAuthor Commented:
Very good answer.  Thanks.  Ozo,  thanks man.  I did have a script that had the command ,but the script wasn't working. Should have included that.  Sorry
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