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I want to capture the screen computer continously (automatic without input from user) and then sending it through serial port (or using RS 485) so that the other computer can see the opposite screen computer (the computer which sending a captured screen) in live motion on the windows form (like playing a movie).
How to do that ?? Any samples for this??
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I don't know if you have finished this...but in Windows...I think instead of sending the screen (like a bitmap)...I would make a Windows Hook...and send the relevant messages to the other computer...should be less traffic this will be sending Web Pages...

Check out Using Delphi 3 by Miller, Powell, et all published by Que.

and since this is for school you should write the code yourself...Good Luck

Have a look at AsyncPro, from TurboPower. They provide components for connect to other computers via serial comms, internet, null modem etc. They also provide components which allow telnet and dummy terminal connect.
Also see, for details about RS-485 support.
capturing and transfering the whole screen with movements is a *very* difficult task. You may perfer to use an existing solution, PC Anywhere from Symantec. It also supports serial line interfaces.

TonychanAuthor Commented:
Please give me samples in delphi format (source code) because I need it for my exam.
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