maximum number of sockets allowed in Solaris

What is the maximum number of sockets allowed to be
opened concurrently in Solaris ? Is this configurable ?
How is it configured ?
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dypConnect With a Mentor Commented:
By default 256

To increase maximum number of sockets
you should execute command
ndd /dev/tcp -set tcp_conn_req_max 4096

Ummm...  Isn't tcp_conn_req_max mean 'maximum tcp connection
requests that can be pending'?

Another point, socket is NOT tcp.  You can have udp or unix sockets also!
AFAIK for Solaris tcp, udp & unix sockets are not the same
and all parameters are tuned via drivers variables...
The most usual sockets are tcp ones...
TCP is a protocol... which includes sockets...
In solaris there is no common sockets...
There are drivers for each type of them...

What I am trying to say is that the "maximum number of  sockets allowed to be opened concurrently in Solaris" (across all processes) may have nothing to do with 'tcp_conn_req_max' or any other TCP/IP configurable parameter in the kernel driver.
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