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When I load my help file, it loads in the old Win3.1 style. It has the hyperlink contents front, instead of the Win95 graphical front. I have both my .HLP and .CNT files in the same directory. I've also tried to load the help file two different ways:

vHelp& = WinHelp(Me.hwnd, "blah.hlp", HELP_CONTEXT, CLng(0))


CommonDialog1.HelpFile = AppPath + "\fmrg.HLP"
CommonDialog1.HelpCommand = cdlHelpContents

Neither seems to help (no pun intended). Can anyone let me know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
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web_crusherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
use robohelp application and create a new help file in the environment you like
that open it with

CommonDialog1.HelpFile = AppPath + "\fmrg.HLP"
   CommonDialog1.HelpCommand = cdlHelpContents

it always work - you have problem on the hlp file
to c the contents - put at the same dir the cnt file - thats it - its a winner!
The method you use to load the help file shouldn't matter.  The format of the help file should be independant of this.  Is it possible that you compiled the help file incorrectly.  Are you writing this help file your self, and if so, what are you using?

  If you are sure your help file is compiled into version 4 help file and have the .cnt file attended. Please try this,

Public Const HELP_FINDER = &HB
vHelp& = WinHelp(Me.hwnd, "blah.hlp", HELP_FINDER, 0)

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I think you can also use ShellExecute to run  the help file, but I am not sure how or if that would work.
Solution with Shell:

     Call Shell("WINHLP32 C:\Program Files\VB\help\VB5.HLP", vbNormalFocus)
BergJCAuthor Commented:
Yowkee and marti both have solutions that work...there was nothing wrong with my help file, it was a matter of how it was loaded. Thanks!
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