new web hosting

i am looking to move my site to another host The requiments are below

I am looking for one that has:

at least 28 kbs transfer wait.
free use of cgi-bin
at least 100 mb of webspace
unlimeted trasfer
unlimited email support
frontpage98 support
chat support
under 25.00 a month.

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eversoslightlyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My favorite that I use:

Hope this works!
I like cyberhosting -  they even have telephone support with real people.  By the way, if you do sign up with them please reference me as they will give me a free month or something.  

They can be found at
CYOAuthor Commented:
I try to connect to them put was not getting any response from the website I need a quick server.
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I can not beleive that you found them anything other than fast.  One of the reasons that I move to them is because they are so fast.  Are you sure that you typed the right address.  Try doing a traceroute to them, see if 1) the address is resolved and 2) where the slowness is.

We tested quite a number of hosting sites and found them to be as fast as any and much faster than most.

I am very interested however since if you are having trouble, my clients may be also.
CYOAuthor Commented:
ALex said that my website which is located at is under 14 modem is, but they connect by t1 connection.I have a 32 KPS connection and it it is only receiving 10 to 14 kps when i access other website I am getting 23 KPS. What service provider do you sugest?
I think that you may well be on to something with the service provider.  Certainly it is not going to make much difference how good your hosting site is if you have a horrible connection to the web and that lmits everything.  However, I can not beleive that your current provider does not have a fairly fast connection.  However, I did a traceroute to your site and do agree that the last step does appear horrible, at least right now.

As far as an ISP is concerned you need to chose who is fast in your area.  As far as hosting site, I still recommend Cyberhosting, who by the way I have no interest in, other than that they host my site.
Please do post here who you do select since for some reason you do not like cyberhosting who I still feel are great.
I think I have a host that you would really like.  They have everything that you want including a 668mbps (OC-12) connection (which is the highest I have ever seen).  The only thing they dont have is the 100 megs of webspace, they offer 25.
CYOAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I need at least 100 mb. I found a site that will host it put it cost $80 to $90 a month, but I like the rule of thumb about 70 sites per server instead of about 700. They also allow me to edited the cofig, log and error, and full access to the cgi programs. I got more options to have things change automaticly and can have my own chat program on it for no extra cost.  I also can upgrade to 250 mb of space and add more for $1 per mb. The server name is
CYO, why are you rude enough not to answer JHURST's questions.  He was generous enough to respond, re-respond, etc and you did not have the courtesy to responde to his request posted here.  Is this how the Christain Youth Organization operates.  
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