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One of my programmers is trying to load a form using a variable instead of hardcoding the form name into the procedure.   She is getting the form name from a table.  The documentation says to me that you can't use the load method with a variable instead of the form object.

Here is her code.

Private Sub DBGrid1_MouseUp(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
    Dim MyString As String
    On Error GoTo ErrorSection
    IgColumn = DBGrid1.ColContaining(X)
    IgRow = DBGrid1.RowContaining(Y)
    VargBookmark = DBGrid1.RowBookmark(IgRow)
    FileMnu.Menu_Item = DBGrid1.Columns(IgColumn).CellValue(VargBookmark)
    FileMnu.Menu_Module = DBGrid1.Columns(1).CellValue(VargBookmark)
    lblMenu = FileMnu.Menu_Item
    lblModule = FileMnu.Menu_Module
    MyString = CStr(lblModule)       ' Create text string.
    frm3 = Mid(MyString, 1, 3)    ' Returns "warehouseNO".

    If frm3 = "frm" Then
        'MsgBox "Menu_Module empty. Should be calling form, workpad etc."
        MyString = lblModule    ' Initialize string.
        Nmefrm = Trim(MyString) 'trim spaces

Stepping thru the code I can see that the variable contains her form name, but VB doesn't like Nmefrm.Show

Is there a way to do this?


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The only suggestion I can think of is doing this:

public g_colForms as collection

sub main
  set g_colForms = new collection
  g_colforms.add form1, "form1"
  g_colforms.add form2, "form2"
  g_colforms.add form3, "form3"
end sub

and then in your application, have this code

public sub ShowForm(szForm as string)
  on local error resume next
end sub

You could loop thru the Forms collection to compare the name and then use a form object to show.


  Dim frmTmp as Form

  For each frmTmp in Forms
      If frmTmp.Name =  Nmefrm Then
          Exit For
      End If

jnearingAuthor Commented:
That works great for forms that are loaded, but at any one time in our system there is only the current form loaded, and maybe the main form, which this code belongs to.

We will have 50 to 100 forms possibly in this application, so loading them all we think will be a drag on system resources and will make the application slow down.


   As I knew, there is no way to do such "dynamically" loading form. Unless you store all form names, than compare with the required name, if match , load the required form.

   Such as:

   Select Case Nmefrm
       Case "frm1"
       Case "frm2"
   End Select

There is a previous question about this topic. You may search thru PAQ for some help.

jnearingAuthor Commented:
That occurred to me but not being much of a VB programmer, I was hoping there would be a cool way to do a couple lines of code instead of 100 case statements.

Thanks for your help


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