Printer AppleTalk Problem

After setting up the printer (again!) it works fine for awhile then won't work after
re-booting. After re-boot this appletalk always enables itself and I can't use the printer.
If I make appletalk inactive the printer will work 'till the next re-boot. How can I get rid
of or disable this permantly??(appletalk)
Also the monitor colors are not right for some reason, the cord is fine. Is there any
settings I could try to get the colors back to the way they were?
Note: I am totaly "Mac" illiterate so please explain in deatail  
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rickyrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi brianchess.....
Stay well and good luck.
what printer are you using and what version of the driver software?
Do Apple "F" and search for "Appletalk" when it finds it in the Extensions folder Move it to somewhere outside of the Extensions Folder. You will lose Network connections though.
Search for the Apppleshare Prep file and trash it. This will create a new one and it might stop Appletalk becoming active again.
If your internal battery is running low, the settings for things like your monitor may be lost,
Which may be why you are having problems, Different model macs respond differently to low batteries. check yor date & time, Is it correct?
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Your computers battery is dead or dying. Replace it.
Didn't I just say that about the battery?
I hope brianchess treats your answer accordingly.
brianchessAuthor Commented:
Rickyr.... This ones for you DUDE.
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