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FP98, IE4 and HD Web

phooey asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-25
I have a local (HD) web site that I used to be able to browse using IE3 and MS Personal Web Server.  I have jsut upgraded to IE4 and now I keep neing asked to dial up each  time I want to browse my own site.  I have tried changing the Local Intranet settings in IE4, edited Hosts.sam and lmhosts.sam and still no joy.
I am not connected to anyone else normally and have set my own IP address for games sessions ( and this used to work before.  I have also tried and this does let me browse the directory structure of the web but doesn't pick up any of the admin stuff or the pages directly.
A swift response would be apreciated.
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Computrgenius: I don't have any other host or lmhost files.  Changing the IP address didn't work.  Is there some setting in IE4 that I am missing ?
Please help, this is getting urgent as I don't want to have to uninstall IE4.

In the proxy settings of the Internet control panel, add localhost to the "Don't use proxy on" list, and check the box next to "Skip proxy on Intranet addresses".


I am not using a proxy server?  Do I now need to use one.  I don't often visit 'popular' sites such as MS, iD so do I now need to use a proxy server.
My PC is (normally) standalone but has a network card and ip address although it is one I have entered myself.  Under IE3 there was the option to 'Connect as needed' and I could enter local sites without specifying a proxy server.
Thanks for any help.

The same thing applies in IE4. You do not have to specify a proxy server, but simply check this checkbox and it will not attempt to connect using DUN when accessing Intranet addresses.


Sorry but this STILL doesn't let me browse my own web.  WINIPCFG shows up the correct ip address, as does the test in FP98.  I have ticked the bypass box but this doesn't work.  I can't enter the ip add specifically because I am not using a proxy server (I'm not sure I have one to use with DUN) and I'm now getting very frustrated.
For info: I am a Notes/Domino/Web developer so it's not like I don't understand what I am doing (or trying to do!).  Has anyone got FP98, IE4 and personal web server and can view their own web without dialling up ?

Sorry if I seemed to think you are ignorant, I did not mean to. I have FP98, IE4 and PWS2 running and it works for me, but maybe that is because I actually need a proxy.


Is PWS2 the version that comes with FP98 ?
My last thought (I am in work now so no checking until tonight).
Which order did you install the products in ?  I am thinking it may be a winsock32 problem ?  Any thoughts and the points are yours for taking the time for helping me.
I am planing a full re-install to move to FAT32 so the problem may go away.

I do not think this is a problem with winsock. I think PWS2 comes with Frontpage, but it does not necessarily have the front page server extensions installed. These you can find in the standard install of FP98 and I would do so.
Then, FAT32 will not really solve this problem, so don't install it just for this reason.
I have one last thing. When I get home from work tonight (about 9 pm GMT) I will look at my Frontpage install and tell you what exactly you have to do. I unfortunately don't have it installed on the Sun that I am working on now.
For now, install FP98 server extensions on PWS 2 and try again.

I'll speak to you in about 11 hours.


Suicide (well, re-install) imminent !

What do you need help with?
I am still working on the frontpage imagemap problem and I cannot seem to figure it out just now. I should have it within the next hours, so please do not commit suicide quite yet :-)


A funny thing happend this morning around 4:30am (I have a two month old boy).  I managed to crash the DUN program (teach me to play Sensi Soccer 98 at the same time as feeding a baby AND trying to solve this problem).
Virtually the second this crashed, up popped my web good as gold.  All the PWS admin tasks worked properly.
IE4 now reported that I was working ON line and would not call the DUN program when I tried to access any intERnet site?
What's that all about then ?
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I have tried this as well.  Each time I try to change to ON-line it tries to dial !!!  I am doing the re-install to get more disk space from FAT32 as I only have a 1.2GB drive so I am going to start tonight instead.
Thanks for all your help over the last few days....the pints are yours.  If you have any other suggestions then feel free to mail me:
(remove the anti-spam haddock)

Sure, but I think we should keep anything related to this thread on this thread because that is what EE is about. anyway, good luck tonight and thank you for the nice grade!


Found the (an) answer:
For local pages you must set the connection to LAN and ONLY then set work to ON-line.  Now you can view the local web fine.  If you then set the connetion back to MODEM you can view both local and internet sites.
It was your prompting that got me here but it is still not satisfactory.  I guess MS need another bug fix as I am sure that this shouldn't happen.
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