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Pavel040997 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-06
hi guys!
I was wondering is there any way to take a picture of the screen into the clipboard , as i do
when i press PrintScreen button?(without using c written dll)
thnx ,Pavel
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Why don't you go to www.download.com and look for a Screen capture ActiveX?

There are a few to choose from

I think you can use windows API call to capture/grab the screen. If you are interested I can get you the exact API to use. But I didn't get what you mean by not using C written DLL


Yes sirigere plz tell me the exact API !
thnx ,pavel

Since I attempted your question I saw in a book "VB5 developers handbook" just what you wanted, The APIs and all! You may consider buying or borrowing the book. It is a good book and Im considering buying the book myself! I was browsing a friends copy

To pavel
To do your task you got to use the following set of APIs
1. GetDesktopWindow  to get the handle to the screen
for the declaration you can do cut and paste from the API text viewer. Using this window you will get the handle to screen
2.Use GetDC to convert handle to device context
3. Use BitBlt to get the copy of entire screen
4.use ReleaseDc to relese device context


Can you please show how do i call those functions exactly ,couse i'm having problem using them thanx,Pavel

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thanx man
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