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HD Host for C (D:)

Is this a stumper?!?!?
I have an older HD Seagate ST3144A that I need to retrieve information off of, onto my new Harddrive.
When I installed the Seagate as a Secondary Master, it states in MY COMPUTER that my D: is "Host_for_C" ..
when I click to see the contents of D:, there is only the operating files command.com and Win386.swp and nothing else.

I desperately need the data off of this hard drive!! It is our accounting program and payroll is MONDAY!

If I reconnect this hard drive as the Primary Master, and do not attach any other hard drive, the data is able to be seen, and it doesn't say "host_for_c"

I have checked with Seagate to make sure I have the jumpers properly set.  There is too much to move from one diskette to another.  Any solutions!?!?!
1 Solution
You appear to be able to boot up from the old hard drive. Install the new one as either the secondary master or the primary slave, and then drag and drop the contents of the old one to the new drive using EDIT, SELECT ALL, and the right button to drag and drop to an area of the new drive, possibly a special folder called OLDDRIVE.
indaygoAuthor Commented:
Your suggestion enabled me to move the data, however, I was not able to load windows on the new hard drive (secondary master/formerly primary master).  It told me I could not use this version of DOS 7.0?? to run Windows.  I had to manually copy everything to the D:\ drive.  Do you, or anyone know why I was only able to see operating system files, and nothing else, and/or why windows 95 recognized this new hard drive as
(D:)Host_for_C drive?
Somebody has been playing around with disc compression, I should think. Therefore you got the HOST problem...
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Your old is drvspaced or dblspaced a real problem, I know that this does not help you but at least you know what the problem is.
Try to find someone who has experience with drive compression. You also may have to load the drvspace drivers and mount the old drive as a compressed drive, once you are able to access the drive and get your data off you can then remove drvspace and the old drive.
It may be worth the $195.00 call to Microsoft and work with one of there engineers.
Apparently your old drive was compressed, and you are replacing it with a new, larger one.
I can give you the procedure for copying your previous installation of Windows95 and all data to the new hard drive if you want.
This makes it unnecessary to start over on the new drive with installing  Windows95.  All your application software and data will be preserved on the new drive.
Let me know.

indaygoAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help everyone.  Now, if I could figure how to assign points after I reopened the question, we'd be in business.
This hard drive question has reminded me how far I really am in becoming a "techie".  
thanks again!
All you do is ask whoever you want to award the points to submit an answer for you to grade.
Do you need any more help with the problem?

indaygoAuthor Commented:
RMAROTTA:  aah...I see.  Yes, I would like your input in resolving this problen.   The old hard-drive does not, however, have Windows installed, only DOS.  It is that data that i want to "easily" move from one hard-drive to the next!

Thanks again.
My mistake.....  I thought you had Win95 on both drives.
Apparently you already have the needed files copied to the new drive.  All you need to do now is switch the new drive back to the primary master position so it will boot Windows.
Then fdisk & format the old drive after re-connectiong it in order to use it for more storage space if desired.
Let me know if you need more.

if in win95/98 - make sure you are not running any drivers that (Edited by Computer101) up,
check Control-Panel , System and see if you can find somthing about driver that
says locked in 16bit or any strange error... i had same problem some time ago..

ELSE its very know bug that Segate have problems running with some other hardware products, i also tryed that with a Maxtor, IBM, they where not happy with Segate,
only with new Segate HDD's..
It says HOST_FOR_C because DoubleSpace was used to compress the drive. Initially, you would've had 2 visible hard disks in DOS (of which one would be the compressed file).

Within Windows 95, in the  System Tools section, you may have a DRIVESPACE programme. If not, add it from Control Panel... Add Software... Windows Install tab.

Go into Drivespace, on the Advance menu choose Mount and select the HOST_FOR_D drive. Hopefully the drive will mount (maybe as Drive E) and you will be able to transfer the data to the new disk.

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