PII - reenable multiplier

I was at Cebit this year and there was a group who
claimed they could enable the multiplier again by
changing two lines on the slot-1 pcb.
Any ideas?
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jkenanAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
It's true, in fact, that's how all the fake PII 300 are done.  
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jkenanAuthor Commented:
And How do I go about doing it ?

jkenanAuthor Commented:
I have visited Toms Hardware MANY times...
You are refering to oc via BUS speed. I want to enable oc via the
now it is locked are 3.5x 66(or any bus speed, works at 75 too)
I want to be able to oc @ 4.5x

Well, I wasn't refering to o/c via bus speed, there're many OEM PII supplier coming up with fake PII 300, it's actually a PII 233 or 266 with multiplier re-enabled.  C' magazine first found this out about a month ago, their article mentioned that some PII flowing around does not have ECC L2 cache, and according to Intel's spec. there're no PII 300 without ECC.  Check this out:
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