How can I run enother exe app

I nead to run another application from my exe
I tryed to use ExecuteFile and ShellExecute,
however delphi(3) replays with "Undeclared identifier"

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To use that procedure you have to include the unit that contains it. Look in the lousy help for the unit name...

But for executing exe's you better use a much more functional components. I'll send you one if you post email.

can you please give us the code you use?

mAmitaiAuthor Commented:
ExecuteFile('DINAMIC.EXE', '', 'C:\EPC\', SW_SHOW);
the syntax is streit from delphi's lousy help.
Any way, eny other method will do.
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Hi friends,

Matvey, you are faster than me. Use the following (PLEASE GIVE POINTS TO MATVEY I think he has the similiar code)...

I do not know the API ExecuteFile. However win32 helps said that to run a program from Win32 we'd better use CreateProcess. It has several parameters and looks complicated. May be you can make use of the following code:

 { returns -1 if the Exec failed }
 function WinExec32(FileName:String; Visibility : integer):integer;
   zAppName:array[0..512] of char;
   zCurDir:array[0..255] of char;
   StartupInfo.cb := Sizeof(StartupInfo);
   StartupInfo.dwFlags := STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW;
   StartupInfo.wShowWindow := Visibility;
   if not CreateProcess(nil,
     zAppName,                      { pointer to command line string }
     nil,                           { pointer to process security attributes }
     nil,                           { pointer to thread security attributes }
     false,                         { handle inheritance flag }
     CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE or          { creation flags }
     nil,                           { pointer to new environment block }
     nil,                           { pointer to current directory name }
     StartupInfo,                   { pointer to STARTUPINFO }
     ProcessInfo) then              { pointer to PROCESS_INF }
      Result := -1

Just call it as WinExec32('DINAMIC.EXE', SW_SHOW');
if you still got the error it absolutely means that SW_SHOW is not declared. So include Windows.pas in your USES clause.
Regards, Igor
mAmitaiAuthor Commented:
I used "inter" answer, so he shuld get the points.
In VB and the good old C, it is so simple...
Borland shuld realy improve there help.

   THanks Guys...

So you don't want the component? Weired! It's very useful and has lot's of functions.

Propably Igors code...

PS Igor, you're awake on the weekend - how about talking friend?
mAmitaiAuthor Commented:
I wold love to have the component!
I Used wat's close to the eye and working...


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