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  I'm trying to start a computer repair business, and I need a program where I can document the different problems that I have for future reference.  Here is a basic description of what I need.  A place to enter a title for the problem (I will need about 15 characters for this), and a section where I can type information about the problem (I can't have any limits to the number of characters in this section).  When the program opens I need a section that looks a little like windows help with a section to type what I am searching for and I would like it like windows help index where as I type what I'm looking for the program automatically scrolls down the list so I don't have to type the full title for it to come up.  In the start up screen I also need a button so I can create a new title (described above).  

    This program must be made for windows.  I don't need any source code all that I need is the completed program.  Make an offer on the number of points you will build this program for, and I will decide who I will have make the program on June 20th.  Feel free to ask any questions you have if the description is unclear.  

Also include an email address where I can contact you.
And don't submit your bid as an answer.

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RONSLOWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thank you .. it is a great site there.  You may like to check out some of the other apps (like the ones I suggested) that may be of help to you in your business.
go to http://www.winfiles.com

here you will find lots of apps along these lines.

there is bug tracking software, personal info databases etc.

you probably don't need to reinvent the wheel here.
Continuing ... here are some of the titles that are available for download (they have freeware, shareware or demos)

At http://www.winfiles.com/apps/98/office-addins.html
 WN Help Desk  Version 2.7.1      
  A full-featured Help Desk application for Access 97. New
  features include Outlook E-Mail and Task integration directly
  from an open help ticket, ability to update linked tables from
  within the application, and customizable auto-numbered

At http://www.winfiles.com/apps/98/infobases-ref.html
 Request Tracker
  A Help Desk database system that allows you to store and
  retrieve all pertinent information about customer requests.
  Track who requests what and when they requested it, what was
  done to address the request, who handled the request and how
  much time it took them. If you charge customers for the
  requests you handle, Request Tracker will allow you to
  calculate charges, print bills and track payments.
At http://www.winfiles.com/apps/98/infobases-misc.html
  An easy way for user's to report the problems they are facing,
  in their daily use of a computer. When a problem occurs, a
  user can search the built in knowledge base, to verify if
  there is not solution to is problem, before filing a report or
  contacting the technical staff. Technicians do not have to go
  back and forth between their desk and the users, to find out,
  the next problem they have to take care off. They have access
  to the Tech portion of BugTrack from any Pc that is hookup to
  the network. With the appropriate equipment (e.g.: laptop,
  modem) a technician in the field could easily contact is
  office, to connect with BugTrack. When a technician document
  how he as resolved a particular user problem, the report is
  linked with the user bug report, for future references. With
  the admin module, administrator can print statistical reports,
  about total number of bugs solved, total number of bugs
  remaining, And more. Those reports can be generated for any
  given period of time.  

At http://www.winfiles.com/apps/98/infobases-computer.html
 iTrack Enterprise
  A help desk, call tracking, and problem logging system with
  built-in e-mail. Fully multi-user with group-level security,
  and login by username and password. Sort and filter by any
  combination of fields. No SQL knowledge is required.
  Customizable and can be used by vendors, ISP's, or developers.
  The database can be web published or exported to various
  formats including html.

You may also find these handy...

At http://www.winfiles.com/apps/98/infobases-ref.html
 SIRIUS - The Information Tool for Electronics
  Consists of information on over 240,000 integrated circuits
  and discrete semiconductors. It also includes more than
  311,700 pages of information and 2,520 application notes from
  56 manufacturers worldwide. The database contains data on
  digital, linear, interface, memory, and microprocessor ICs,
  transistors, diodes, thyristors, mosfets and optoelectronic

At http://www.winfiles.com/apps/98/infobases-misc.html
 PC Reseller System
  An database system for PC Resellers and Wholesalers. This is
  all the software you need to run your PC Reseller business!
  Track your customers, enter PC quotes, sell quotes, print
  invoices, track serial numbers and warranty information, track
  sales tax and gross income. Powerful reporting module lets
  your print Income Summary statements, Invoice Summary, Sales
  Tax Returns, and parts information. Importing function allows
  you to import a parts spreadsheet into the database.

At http://www.winfiles.com/apps/98/infobases-computer.html
 Hardware Organizer
  A powerful and flexible program that will help you organize
  your computer hardware. Using a notebook-like interface
  (complete with alphabetical tabs), the program stores all the
  information you might need to track: item name, producer,
  catalog number, cost, status, installation date,
  condition,...., a detailed description, plus any additional
  comments, optionally you can include a graphical image.
  Features: Unlimited Number of Records; Graphical Data Field
  for scanned-in images; Flexible Sorting and Searching;
  Powerful Reports; Printing Labels; Print Preview; Flexible
  Filters; Customizable Display, and more  


In addition to RONSLOW's comment, you might want to think about purchasing Microsoft Access. Access comes with a number of sample applications and the built-in Wizards allow you to create complete applications for different types of businesses with a click of a few buttons. The advantage to using Access is that if you want the samples modified, you can do it yourself or you won't have any problem finding people that can. I think Access is about $100.

Also, if you are going to buy Word, Excel, etc. anyway, you might think about buying Office Profession which includes Access.


potsyAuthor Commented:
I found a program that is exactly what I requested called AZZ Cardfile so if you would like to submit something as the answer you can have the points.
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