Unreadable Fonts

When using 1024X768 Res.24 Bit True color the fonts become unreadable after about 10 Min. of use however the Graphics display remains clear and sharp. The same thing happens in about 20 Min. using 1024X768 16 Bit, and about the same time using 800X600 24 Bit.
It never happens using 800X600 16 Bit.
Am running the following Equip. Cyrix 686 MMX 200PR,BCM Motherboard with AMI Bios,S3 Virge DX PCI, 4 MEG.,Sceptre 14" P&P DDC Monitor.
Have tried changing Display Driver, Removing assigned IRQ for video card in the Bios.
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davidbchenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You know what?  This is funny but I have the exact same card as you but system config is different.  Yeah, unfortunately your problem is the same as millions of others.  The virge seems to have problems at that resolution with 95 and 98.  However, when I used NT4, I never experienced the problem.  From this I figured that the drivers for 95/98 seem to bring out a bug in the virge architecture at that resolution.  I have hunted down numerous pages that talked about it but none offered any help.  I, like you, have tried countless drivers from both MS and S3 but they both come up with the fuzzy font thing at 1024X768.  The only thing I have figured out to work around this problem is to do the following:

1.  Open MS-DOS Prompt
2.  Make it full screen by hitting ALT-ENTER
3.  Hit ALT-ENTER again and there you go.

Although this isn't a permanent solution (unless you feel bold and want to install NT), this is the best solution I have come across without having to restart the computer.  Just to show just how common this problem is, my roommate bought the exact card and had the EXACT same problem and returned it to get an ATI card.  I hope this solution helps you get along with your virge until you get a REAL video card.  And yes, I am putting down my own video card.

A couple of questions;

Where exactly do the fonts become unreadable? On the desktop, in applications, on graphics, all of the above?

Do fonts print OK?

Can you cut and paste them between apps OK?


This probably wont help cure your problem so I will leave it as a comment.

I had the same problem with a Diamond and a Matrox card.

In both cases it was the video driver and in both cases it required an updated driver to fix it.

In the case of the Matrox I was also able to temporarily fix it by reverting to an OLDER driver.
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wild Guess : since it only happens when using more than 1M of VideoRam that 2nd piece of RAM (or the use of it by driver/PCI-Bus) may be glitchy. Try using a different PCI-Slot & Check fit of Videocard...Phil
PS (Bios-Update?? MB and or VCard if possible)
Definitely the video driver. You said you changed the video driver. What??? I suggest use the generic DirectX drivers from Microsoft.
Hmm...I'm at my friend's computer now.  It seems to have the problems you are describing.  I don't know if my friend is aware of it, because he's not here for me to ask him.

I checked the settings, and it is at 1024x768 at 16-bit.  His card is an S3 Virge DX 4MB PCI, but the motherboard, CPU, and monitor are different.

I hope this leads to an answer.

--MikroData (jkjung)
Obviously, my friend came back to his computer, and saw this question on his screen.  I can vouch that his solution works as a temporary fix, because I asked him about problem, and I tried his "fix".

--MikroData (jkjung)
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