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Win 95 to NT

charlie0 asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I am trying to hook several machines with Win 95 on them to a new NT 4.0 server.  None of them ask for a login.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the network files.  I "assume" they can not logon because win 95 is not asking for a logon.  Any help appreciated, thanks, cl
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You will need to set them up With
Client for Microsoft Networks

Setup the Protocols (TCP/IP for example)

On the server end you will need to setup user accounts for the 95 machines.

Hope this helps



The NT machine has user accounts set up for the Win 95 machines to login to.  The Win 95 machines have tne networking set up and the login to NT is checked with the correct domain name

You must do two things on the Win95 end to have it login and you only mentioned one of them:

1) In the Network Control Panel, make sure that you have Client for Microsoft Networks installed.  If not, install it, if so, then in it's properties enable the "Log into NT domain".  

2) In the Network Control Panel, set the "Primary Network Logon" to "Client for Microsoft Networks".

I assumed, that you have setup your NT server properly.  It must be a PDC (Primary Domain Controller).  If you didn't choose this option when you installed NT, you need to go back and install it again and choose that option.


The NT machine is set as a PDC.  It shows the name of the machine I am currently working with in network neighborhood, but when you click on it, it says cannot contact machine.  I get a logon screen on the Win 95 machine for Netmeeting only.  It says it cannot login to the PDC.
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It appears to me the problem is win 95 does not ask for a logon no matter what I set the primary login box to.  

When you setup Win 95 for the first time and it asked you to login, did you just hit Enter twice to get rid of the login box?

Make sure you dont use "windows logon" ....recheck this  in you network config.
Setup 'client for ms ntwrks' and make sure you checked the little box with logon rights to your domain. then do a network boot down.  Start you server up, and you should have success.  At times this takes a few tries, thats cause the pc are communicating with the PDC and at times it  depends on the speed and cable type you are using the information has to sync itself.  Good luck.    
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