Disappearing Cursor in Word 6

I have a problem in that I have no flasing cursor in Word 6. Everything else seems to work fine, but it is very annoying not being able to see where you are in a document.

I have checked all the settings and cannot see anything obvious, even re-installed it but to no affect.
Can anyone help ?
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SkipConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like it might be a GDI problem.  If you are using Windows 3.x, then the solution is to increase the number of breakpoints in System.ini.

Open System.ini in notepad, and scroll down to the section entitled [386enh].  Add the following line EXACTLY:

Save System.ini
Restart Windows.

I know this will work on most machines, and the explanation is interesting but too lengthy to go into here.

If you are not using Windows 3.x, then I am sorry that I cannot help you.
Have you tried reinstalling an updated video driver?
snicoll72Author Commented:
Yep, we have the latest video drivers
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What type of mouse do you use?....I know of a problem with an older version of the intellimouse...(MS mouse)....

Just wondering...
snicoll72Author Commented:
Just a standard serial mouse
snicoll72Author Commented:
I tried what you suggested, but it did not work.

You are definitely on the right track, the machine is dual boot and the Word 6 works fine in the Windows NT boot, but has the missing cursor in the Win 3.1 boot.
I suspect it is one of the windows settings.

Although I neglected to mention it in my previous comment, I assume you added the "maxBPs=768" entry on its own line with no spaces?    hmmmmm......I'll keep trying.

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