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_spawnlp returns E2BIG

I am writing a DOS program using MSVC 1.52, large memory model. The DOS program is running under W95.

I make a call, similar to:-

retval = _spawnlp(_P_WAIT, "notepad", "notepad", NULL);

retval returns -1
errno equals 7 (E2BIG)

This is likely because there is not enough memory to spawn the new process. If this *is* the problem, how do I free up memory in a DOS program to allow the _spawnlp to run.

This program has worked in the past on a different machine, I don't know what is different this time.
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shiversConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've been having this problem recently - I found it worked sporadically like that, but doing it like this seems to work fine:

if (spawnl(P_WAIT, "proggie.exe", NULL, NULL) == -1) {
  printf("Spawn Error!\n");

(i.e. with a null instead of the second copy of the program name.  I'm not really sure why this should make a difference, but it works on mine ;)

First try to find out what the available memory is just before the spawn function. Doe sit need to run in the same dos box, or is it possible to start it in another box?
E2BIG means that the argument list is too long (no memory is ENOMEM).  Which is strange, since the call seems OK to me.  Hmmm...  Tried "notepad.exe"?
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icdAuthor Commented:
As I understand it, a DOS program by default takes the maximum available (640k) memory. I am assuming that this is the reason why the 'notepad' (or any program in fact) cannot run.

The meaning of E2BIG is 'In MS-DOS, the argument list exceeds 18 bytes (not so), or the space required for the environment information exceeds 32K' (unlikely).

I see now that ENOMEM is the error I would expect if there were not enough memory, so what is going on?

You might want to try increasing your environment. Some of the steps I have taken to solve DOS memory problems are:


Then I go to the process's icon in Windows and select properties and memory to adjust all of the memory settings to their maximum.
icdAuthor Commented:

That solution was what I was hoping for, however it does not seem to have had any effect. I still get errno 7 (E2BIG).

icdAuthor Commented:

Thanks for that reply. It was close enought to put me on the right track. The actual line I came up with in the end was:-

_spawnlp(_P_WAIT, "xcopy", "xcopy", "c:\\from", "c:\\to", NULL, NULL);

It is the two NULLs at the end that are significant, not the NULL for arg[0].

Thanks a lot.

Doh!  Can anyone comment on that?  Requiring two NULLS seems like sheer stupidity.
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