AlwaysRaised of the opener window only

I have a scrits that opens n alwaysRaised window.
I want this window to be "modal" or alwaysRaised only for the opener window.
 As an alert window.

Is there any free-pages-space server where i can run my server side scripts?
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Michel PlungjanConnect With a Mentor IT ExpertCommented:
Do you mean that when I focus another window than the opener, the alwaysRaised alertbox goes behind and when I focus the opener, the alwaysRaised alertbox comes in front again?

I think I would not use alwaysRaised then... (also needs signed scripts in the real world)

How about having a <BODY ONFOCUS="if (self.focus && alertboxopen) alertbox.focus()"> in the opener window

The if (self.focus) only tests to see if window.focus exists since MSIE3 does not have it and complains if you use it.

Whether or not the alertbox is open could be handled by an ONUNLOAD="opener.alertboxopen = false;" in the alertbox html

someuAuthor Commented:
thanks but I can't do it anyway.
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