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Metafile to clipboard, then read

gaohong asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-03
I am trying to draw my app to clipboard as metafile records,
then let other apps to paste what's on the clipboard.
I am quite sure the data is writen to clipboard, but I could
not get it from clipboard.

I will list sending clipboard code first, then retrive part.
The other question is does the application who retrieve the
clipboard will deallocating the resource ? There is no
documentation on this issue.

When I write METAFILE to file (enhanced metafile format),
I can retrieve without any missing. But when I write metafile with windows metafile format (for Win3.x) and I
retrieve with corresponding old format function, then I missing all the drawing (lines), only flood fill and text.

Under both formats, I could not retrieve from clipboard.
Could somebody help me and notify me with email when you
give an answer.


Write to clipboard part

void writeToClipboard()
    HDC hDCMeta;
    //HMETAFILE   hMeta;

    TRect rect = VClientRect;
    rect.left *= 0;
    rect.top  *= 0;
    rect.right *= 100*200;
    rect.bottom *= 100*150;

  //Create the metafile with output going to the disk.

    //hDCMeta = CreateEnhMetaFile(DrawAttr->CurrentDC, "sample.emf", 0, 0);
    hDCMeta = CreateEnhMetaFile(DrawAttr->CurrentDC, 0, 0, 0);
    //hDCMeta = CreateMetaFile("sample.wmf");
    DrawData->draw(DrawData->getDrawBound(0), *DrawAttr, 1);
    hMeta = CloseEnhMetaFile(hDCMeta);
    //hMeta = CloseMetaFile(hDCMeta);

    HGLOBAL hmfp = ::GlobalAlloc(GHND, sizeof(METAFILEPICT));
  METAFILEPICT far *mfp = (METAFILEPICT far *) GlobalLock(hmfp);

       mfp->mm   = MM_ANISOTROPIC;
       //mfp->xExt = 1;
       //mfp->yExt = 1;
       mfp->hMF  = (HMETAFILE) hMeta;

          hmfp = ::SetClipboardData(CF_METAFILEPICT, hmfp);
              ::MessageBox(NULL, "clipboard data set OK", "Good", MB_OK);
              enablePaste = 1;
            ::MessageBox(NULL, "clipboard data not set", "warning", MB_OK);

My test Retrieve clipboard part

void  getClipboardData()
  HGLOBAL hmfp = ::GetClipboardData(CF_ENHMETAFILE);
//*****  the failure is hmfp is NULL *******
  METAFILEPICT far* mfp = (METAFILEPICT far*)::GlobalLock(hmfp);

  if (mfp) {
    //Mm = mfp->mm;
    //Extent = TSize(mfp->xExt, mfp->yExt);
    Handle = (HENHMETAFILE) mfp->hMF;
    Handle = 0;
    ::MessageBox(NULL, "warning", "No metafile in clipboard", MB_OK);
    // Force redraw
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On a whim I decided to check back on this and I noticed something.  You set the clipboard data as MATAFILEPICT but try to obtain it back as ENHMETAFILE.  Does that fix the problem?



I have tried set clipboard data as CF_ENHMETAFILE, then the return value tells me that it is not set. Only CF_METAFILEPICT
can be set to clipboard.

On get clipboard data, both CF_ENHMETAFILE and CF_METAFILEPICT
returns NULL handle.

If you look the documentation of CF format, it looks like there
is some conversion.  However, I suspect MS did messed up here
some how.

Not that this explains why you can't retrieve the data from the clipboard, but when you set the data using CF_ENHMETAFILE I suspect you are supposed to specify the handle to the metafile directly, that is, you don't specify a METAFILEPICT structure.  That may explain why you couldn't set the clipboard data.


In fact, you can not set clipboard data as CF_ENHMETAFILE. It
would not set.

Did you try that specifying a handle to an enhanced meta file, rather than specifying a handle to  a METAFILEPICT?  For example,

          hmfp = ::SetClipboardData(CF_ENHMETAFILE, hMeta);

instead of

          hmfp = ::SetClipboardData(CF_ENHMETAFILE, hmfp);


Beatiful. It works. This way also removes the problem who takes
care of GlobalLocked handle, no such problem then.

Nice exchange with you Nietod. Could you mark the answer to get
grade ?
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