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NT Explorer / Dr Watson

I am continuing to get a Dr Watson error with NT Explorer.  Also it seems to be happening with very few programs open, but usually NT Explorer and MS Internet Explorer 4.01.

My system is a 300Mz Pentium II wiht 128mb ram, 4, 4BG Seagate SCSI drives, Windows NT 4 with SP3, Lots of free drive space.

Here is the first part of the Dr Watson Log File...

Application exception occurred:
        App: EXPLORER.dbg (pid=247)
        When: 5/13/1998 @ 7:59:51.774
        Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

*----> System Information <----*
        Computer Name: ZEB
        User Name: dcc
        Number of Processors: 1
        Processor Type: x86 Family 6 Model 3 Stepping 4
        Windows Version: 4.0
        Current Build: 1381
        Current Type: Uniprocessor Free
        Registered Organization: GEOSURV
        Registered Owner: Survey Dept

*----> Task List <----*
   0 Idle.exe
   2 System.exe
  26 smss.exe
  34 csrss.exe
  40 WINLOGON.exe
  46 SERVICES.exe
  49 LSASS.exe
  73 SPOOLSS.exe
  96 CRYPSERV.exe
 101 DkService.exe
 104 LLSSRV.exe
 106 Control.exe
 111 LOCATOR.exe
 122 RPCSS.exe
 133 inetinfo.exe
 137 PSTORES.exe
 140 mstask.exe
 159 UdServe.exe
 187 NDDEAGNT.exe
 247 explorer.exe
 189 systray.exe
 239 REALPLAY.exe
 128 OUTLOOK.exe
 225 mapisp32.exe
 237 DRWTSN32.exe
   0 _Total.exe

(00400000 - 0042e000) EXPLORER.dbg
(77f60000 - 77fbc000) dll\ntdll.dbg
(77dc0000 - 77dfe000) dll\advapi32.dbg
(77f00000 - 77f5e000) dll\kernel32.dbg
(77e70000 - 77ec4000) dll\user32.dbg
(77ed0000 - 77efc000) dll\gdi32.dbg
(77e10000 - 77e62000) dll\rpcrt4.dbg
(71080000 - 710a3000) SHLWAPI.dbg
(70ff0000 - 71063000) COMCTL32.dbg
(70930000 - 70ad6000) SHELL32.dbg
(70740000 - 70917000) SHDOCVW.dbg
(5f810000 - 5f817000) dll\rpcltc1.dbg
(77b20000 - 77bd2000) dll\ole32.dbg
(779b0000 - 779b9000) dll\linkinfo.dbg
(77720000 - 77731000) dll\mpr.dbg
(77a40000 - 77a4c000) dll\ntshrui.dbg
(78000000 - 78000000)
(77800000 - 7783a000) dll\netapi32.dbg
(77840000 - 77849000) dll\NetRap.dbg
(777e0000 - 777ed000) dll\samlib.dbg
(6e0b0000 - 6e0e5000) ../build/Retail/Soa800.dll
(70300000 - 70358000) WEBCHECK.dbg
(77780000 - 77786000) dll\msidle.dbg
(70270000 - 702ec000) URLMON.dbg
(65340000 - 653bc000) oleaut32.dbg
(777f0000 - 777fc000) dll\ntlanman.dbg
(77890000 - 778a3000) dll\netui0.dbg
(77850000 - 7788a000) dll\netui1.dbg
(77630000 - 77657000) dll\crtdll.dbg
(776b0000 - 776c2000) dll\ws2_32.dbg
(776a0000 - 776a6000) dll\ws2help.dbg
(76df0000 - 76df8000) dll\fmifs.dbg
(74920000 - 74943000) dll\ulib.dbg
(76ae0000 - 76b05000) dll\ifsutil.dbg
(77fd0000 - 77ffa000) dll\winmm.dbg
(77fc0000 - 77fc8000) dll\mmdrv.dbg
(6bc00000 - 6bc15000) dll\sb16snd.dbg
(6be00000 - 6be0d000) drv\sbawe32.dbg
(74100000 - 74109000) drv\msacm32.dbg
(75d50000 - 75d6a000) dll\msacm32.dbg
(77510000 - 77517000) acm\msadp32.dbg
(10000000 - 10000000)
(5f600000 - 5f618000) drv\winspool.dbg
(70200000 - 7025e000) WININET.dbg
(70420000 - 7066c000) MSHTML.dbg
(5e200000 - 5e21a000) dll\mlang.dbg
(776d0000 - 776d8000) dll\wsock32.dbg
(77660000 - 7766e000) dll\msafd.dbg
(77690000 - 77699000) dll\wshtcpip.dbg
(74ff0000 - 74ffc000) dll\rnr20.dbg
(70af0000 - 70b6a000) jscript.dbg
(077a0000 - 077a0000)
(77d80000 - 77db2000) dll\comdlg32.dbg

State Dump for Thread Id 0xbf

eax=0006fa24 ebx=00000001 ecx=00082a68 edx=00000000 esi=00000000 edi=00000000
eip=77e7276a esp=0006fc9c ebp=0006fcb8 iopl=0         nv up ei pl zr na po nc
cs=001b  ss=0023  ds=0023  es=0023  fs=0038  gs=0000             efl=00000246

function: WaitMessage
        77e7275f b802120000       mov     eax,0x1202
        77e72764 8d542404         lea     edx,[esp+0x4]          ss:00fae6a3=????????
        77e72768 cd2e             int     2e
        77e7276a c3               ret
        77e7276b 56               push    esi
        77e7276c 33c0             xor     eax,eax
        77e7276e 8b742408         mov     esi,[esp+0x8]          ss:00fae6a3=????????
        77e72772 8b4e10           mov     ecx,[esi+0x10]         ds:00f3ea06=????????
        77e72775 03ce             add     ecx,esi
        77e72777 394608           cmp     [esi+0x8],eax          ds:00f3ea06=????????
        77e7277a 760e             jbe     WaitMessage+0x2b (77e7278a)
        77e7277c 8b11             mov     edx,[ecx]              ds:00082a68=00000000
        77e7277e 40               inc     eax
        77e7277f 83c104           add     ecx,0x4
        77e72782 013432           add     [edx+esi],esi          ds:00000000=????????
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1 Solution
Have you check the user rights
I had the same problem with ie4
dr.watson kept locking up the programs
I run a isp running nt 4.0 sp3
davcosAuthor Commented:

What user rights are you refering to?  I have administrative rights as domain administrator.

Is this machine running IE4 with Outlook 98?
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davcosAuthor Commented:
Uninstall Outlook 98. After rebooting, uninstall IE4.01. After rebooting, run Add/remove programs from the control panel and remove any Microsoft Exchange/Messaging windows components you may have installed (from the Windows Setup tab). If you remove any, reboot. Then reinstall Windows Messaging for Internet mail only. After this is successfully installed, reboot. Then re-install OL98. This should fix your problems. OL98 overwrites several of the MAPI files and other shell files that NT requires to run. It, like all microsoft active setup applications, checks date and file size before copying. You need a clean slate.
davcosAuthor Commented:

You're kidding right?  If Outlook 98 overwrites files, why would uninstalling it, then reinstalling lastly not overwrite the files again.  Why not just reinstall Outlook?  

I have always struggled with this problem in the past, especially when setting up a new machine.  What order do you install software?  I have always assumed that if you get the message "file.ext already exist and is newer that the file you are copying" you should not overwrite the newer file that exist on the system.  But these files come from everywhere, how do you know the version simply based on the date?  

Also, if I uninstall IE4.01 I'll have to download the 17MB file again.  Is there a way to save this file to disk?  The only thing I've found is some *.cab files after download.  Are these the files I should save to reinstall later, or install on another machine?
This is flimsy, but my $.02
After installing IE4, I got recurring dr. watsons & dumps.  For some reason IE had installed a slew of services (RAS & such) that I didn't remotely need.  Paring the services down to what I truly needed fixed the problem.  

Not much for troubleshooting, but it worked for me.
davcosAuthor Commented:

I'll take a look at the services again.  Sometimes it's not so easy to see what you really need and what you don't.

davcosAuthor Commented:
Could't find a new comment.
Quite simply from experience.....

DUMP IE4...get Netscape 4.04, (free download) it really solves the problems associated with IE.....Bill can't have it his way all the time...I've never had a Dr. Watson related to Netscape...I have had numerous DWs with Word 97, Excel 97, Access 97, Powerpoint 97....hmmmm I see a pattern...
By any chance, are you using a right-click when explorer flames?
(What are you doing, and can you cause the crash to happen reliably?)
davcosAuthor Commented:
Yes, I can crash it reliably!  I'm not sure if this is part of the problem or not... but, I am using WS_FTP ver5.  This has an istallation option of migrating with NT Explorer.  I just noticed that if I log on to our FTP site,which is a protected site, with user name and login at ourISP, (we are using dialup internet access)and then navigate away from our site, then try to log onto an anonymous site, I get a Dr Watson error everytime.  I just tried it on another machine that has the same setup as mine, and got the same Dr Watson.  

Thanks for the imput... mabey this is a start
I think you might want to uninstall/reinstall WS_FTP, or un-migrate it from Explorer, if that is possible, and see if that solves your problems.
(Of course, you've probably made this leap already... ;)
BTW, you *can* have IE4 download but not install; it's an option in the active setup.  You still might have the 'Internet Explorer 4.0 Setup' or something like that folder on your HD. ..  Also, you can download the full install zipped from Tucows.
davcosAuthor Commented:

by the way, I uninstalled WS_FTP 5.0 from NT Explorer, and no Dr Watson's for 24 hrs.??

Well, if that solves the problem, I guess my previous post could be considered an answer: Uninstall WS_FTP 5.0 from NT Explorer.

You should probably tell the vendor about your problem, and see if they can help.  I'm sure they'd be interested to know about it.
I have just encountered an error (almost identical) installing IE6SP1 on WNT4SP6a. I ran through the online install, then rebooted.

The error is displayed after a local login (any login!) is attempted. The desktop is blank and a DR Watson error is displayed;

An application error has occurred and an application error log has been generated. Explorer.exe.

Exception: Access Violation 0xC0000005, Address: 0x7116C2D0

In Application Log:

Event ID: 4097 Source: DrWatson

The application, EXPLORER.dbg, generated an application error The error occurred on  1/10/2003 @ 12:12: 7.588 The exception generated was c0000005 at address 7116c2d0 (Ordinal114)

I cannot do anything locally on the machine except access functions displayed by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL. I can run processes in this fashion, which is a plus, but I cannot use explorer to navigate the system in any way.

Please help!
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