How can use my modem?

HI ALL. I am a beginer in DELPHI 3.0 and I'd like to know how can I use my modem@
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hrizalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Kaloyan, what for you want use your modem ?
but if you want to test if your modem work, try this ...

   assignfile(mdm,'COM2')  // depend to your modem using com port
   writeln('AT Z'); // becareful using this number :)
   writeln('ATDT 911 0'); // becareful using this number :)
   writeln('AT H'); // becareful using this number :)

if you hear some tone, your modem is good enaugh for dialing number from your delphi application.

200 points? a "hard" question?
This is really an "easy" question -- worth about 50 points!
Then why don't you answer it ??????
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