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handle of scrollbar

kyr asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-04
How do i find the handle of the (vertical) scrollbar in a TMemo / TRichedit control?
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What exactly you need to do with the scroll?


I don't know how to get it's handle and I'm not even sure there is such a thing as it's handle - TControlScrollBar has no this property.

If you want to assign it's parameters you can do it like this:

      SetScrollPos(Memo1.Handle, SB_HORZ, 50, True);

-50 is the position, etc...

Is this what you want to do? If not, please tell us what it is...

Regards, Matvey

tyr using this method...it worked for me when I was trying to get rid of the scroll bars on a tTablegrid  :

procedure TkcConfigForm.FormActivate(Sender: TObject);
   bgWorked      : boolean;
   bgHandle      :  Integer;


if not kcConfigGrid.HandleAllocated then
  if not badGuysGrid.HandleAllocated then

  kcHandle := kcConfigGrid.handle;
  bgHandle := badGuysGrid.handle;
  kcWorked := showScrollBar(kcHandle,sb_both, false);
  if not kcworked then
     application.messageBox('couldn''t get rid of scroll bars','didn''t work', mb_ok) ;

showScrollBar is an api function that you can look up to see how to show or hide the different scroll bars


d_hobert: your function disables scrollbars based on the handle of the control. well, i already know the handle of my TMemo.

all: what i actually want to do is to move the scroll bar to its lowest position
this works
SendMessage(reLog.Handle, EM_SCROLL, SB_LINEUP, 0);
but can only move page down/up line down/up

Another reason i want the handle is to set its tracking property to true in a dbgrid, so that i can view records while i am scrolling before the thumb tab is released.

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Kyr, if you look at my comment, that was the first one in the list, you see the exact answere!!!


Dear matvey,
  I tried your idea in a listview component but it just moves the thumb tab of the scroll bar, nothing more. It does not update the contents of the window.

Dear vladika,
  I will accept part (a) but not (b)
I found another solution that is available to anyone (send me an email message). The idea was given to me from a delphi mailing lists. It just fools the control by sending a SB_THUMBTRACK code parameter instead of a SB_THUMBPOSITION (which does not work the way i want it to).

Thanx a lot anyway to all
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