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umounting a partition made with fdisk

cfrericks asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-18
I made a 500meg partition off my harddrive last night with fdisk.  Windows doesn't recognize this partition but I want to delete it.  I don't have my linux kernel up yet so I can't do it with linux.  Can anyone tell me how to unmount this drive?
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Ok, when i get into fdisk it automatically says "which drive do you want to split 1/2/3" and it doesn't give me options.  So how do i get to this option three your talking about?
Are you sure you are *really* executing DOS FDISK?? \windows\command\fdisk.exe ?
Or whatever path your windows 95 is in?

I went into a 95 comp. and FDISK is this
C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\FDISK.exe - size - 63.116

I've never seen fdisk ask "what drive do you want to split" for starters... that's odd. it only asks if you want to enable large disk support (OSR 2 Windows).

If you give me your disk configuration (complete) I can make an .ASM program with some quick and dirty int 21h calls to do the trick. But I've never seen fdisk make that question... and believe me I've seen a lot!

Daniel Fonseca


Ok, if you can answer this question i'll give you 100 points; During installation of redhat 5.1 it asks for the directory and partition that the redhat/srpms and redhat/base files are stored.  I tried typing the directory where i store redhat on c drive but it didn't work.  Can you tell what to type here?
What you have to do is pre-mount your C Drive (something like maybe /dev/hda1) in some directory (usually "mnt" directories are used at install time, so better leave them out of this - just create a mount point yourself):

mkdir /drivec
mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /drivec (assuming your drive is vfat - other possibility is -t msdos)
I don't know (think not) if RedHat startup kernel will read Fat 32 Drives... see the outcome of this last command to be sure.

Imagine the refered dir was c:\my_img\redhat it would become the dir /drivec/my_img/redhat according to the example I'm giving - just supply that to the install program and fly away.

Hope to help,

Daniel Fonseca


Ok, i'm not going to give you the full 100 because i found the answer to my second question before you gave it.  But i will add 15 points to give you 75.  Thanks.  Also do you know if I have to have all the packages to install redhat 5.1 correctly?  
No... you don't have to have *all* packages... you must have the
base packages.. libs.. system binaries... etc. you don't need X Windows either!
Do I deserve some extra points for this one? :-) kidding... thanks for the extra 15!

Daniel Fonseca
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