i want a counter for my web page but i don't want the person looking at my page to see it..and i don't have a cgi thier a way to do this and how?
thank you for you time
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martinagConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can get a counter at
Set the height and width of it to 1. Almost invisible.

<IMG SRC="countercode" HEIGHT="1" WIDTH="1">
cuthburtAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Probably not for free, because "free" webcounters use the visible images on websites as a sort of advertisement. If you are willing to pay, then a lot more is possible.
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Sorry, I'm really dizzy.
That's for free guest books.
A counter may be found here:
You have to link to them, but since your counter meaasures 1x1 pixel, there's nothing to worry about :-)
cuthburtAuthor Commented:
if i edit the size so i can see it so i can see how many people have been thier will it reset?

No it won't.
Just make a new docuemnt at your own disk:
Visitors to my home page: <IMG SRC="countercode" ALT="Counter">
One way to make it invisible is to assign the same font colour to the counter as the background.
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