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Posted on 1998-06-19
Last Modified: 2010-04-09
I currently have a form that inputs data into a  Access 97 database using ASP. My data is going into one table.

I want to set up a form that will submit to muliple tables at once, keeping the information linked.

For instance, I want to have a table that has student info, problem type, problem description. I want all the tables to be linked and accessibly when queried from the web site.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Question by:jwilliams1

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All this requires is a good SQL statement.  Comment me back with the exact information you want displayed and the fields and tables to your database and I would be more then happy to write the SQL statement for you.

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These are the fields that I have in one table. I want to restructure them so that Only student information is in one table and the problem they encounter, the description, procedure observed, performed, and level of participation.

I am trying to make it easy in the long run.

You can take a look at my site:

User_Name MS_Year Campus_Location Clerkship_Rotation Setting Site_Name Patients_Age Patiens_Sex

General_Problems General_Problem_Notes Head_and_Neck_Notes Pediatric_Notes Level_of_Participation Level_of_Participation_Notes Cardiac_Problems Cardiac_Notes Head_and_Neck_Problems Pediatric_Problems Male_Repro_Problems Male_Repro_Notes Female_Repro_Problems Female_Repro_Notes Peripheral_Vascular_Problems Peripheral_Vascular_Notes Lower_GI_Problems Lower_GI_Notes Upper_GI_Problems Upper_GI_Notes Renal_System_Problems Renal_System_Notes Endocrinology_Problems Endocrinology_Notes Infectious_Disease_Problems Infectious_Disease_Notes Neurological_Problems Neurological_Notes Hematology_Problems Hematology_Notes Pulmonary_Problems Pulmonary_Notes Psychiatric_Problems Psychiatric_Notes Musculoskeletal_Problems Musculoskeletal_Notes Obstetrical_Problems Obstetrical_Notes Procedures_Performed Procedures_Performed_Notes Procedures_Observed Procedures_Observed_Notes

Let me know how this will work out.

Your help will be greatly appreciate.

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Whoah, this is way out of my league, sorry for getting your hopes up, if I figure something out I'll tell, otherwise you probably won't be hearing from me.
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A bit of JavaScript could handle this quite easily.  Are you familiar with it?  Basically, all we need to do is take all those variables from the form, and pass them into the three different databases using one function (call the function with the 'submit' box at the bottom of the page):

function sendData
 var General_Problems = window.document.medform.general_problems.value
 var General_Problem_Notes = window.document.medform.general_problems_notes.value
 var Head_and_Neck_Notes = window.document.medform.head_and_neck_notes.value
 post first set of data to database A (asp string). . .
 post second set of data to database B (asp string). . .

Let me know if you want it scripted (it'll cost more than 30 points!)


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I would do it like this:

Your tables are linked, which would meant aht you have an unique identifier in the tables. I cannot find a "id" autonumber field in the fields you mentioned, but it might be there.

First you update the "main" table which probably holds the person's name and has a unique identifier which you use to link to other tables.

If the identifier is autonumber, then you'll have to find out what the new number is before you can update the other tables.

That can be done by updating the main table using an updatable recordset

Set RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
strSQL = "SELECT * From TABLE1 ...."
RS.Open strSQL, Conn, 3, 3

'creates a new record

' fills in the field values

'saves the recordset in the database

NewID = RS("ID")
' if ID is the name of the autonumber field


Now you have the value of the unique identifier and you can use that to update other tables.

This can be done in the same way

In fact you don't update all tables simultaneously, but one by one.


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  Can you say why you rejected the attempts? Just didn't work or wasn't what you were looking for?

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You can use SQL to update individual items in multiple table:

use something like this in SQL:

UPDATE Table1.Field1, Table1.Field2, Table2.Field1... WHERE Table1.Field1 = "this criteria"

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If you use NetScaler you will want to see these guides. The NetScaler How To Guides show administrators how to get NetScaler up and configured by providing instructions for common scenarios and some not so common ones.

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