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Last Modified: 2013-11-14
Maybe you can help me.
I'm trying to use the vb 4.0 setup kit but it needs a command line and don't know what is this command line can you help me. And how does this work?
first i use the setup wizard and then i replace the setup.exe?
Please i'm desperate.
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The setup project actually creates an executable it will call Setup1.exe.  Setup.exe which is written in C++ will call setup1 during the install procedure passing it information it needs to complete the procedure.
This information includes:
for 16-bit:
  The source directory
for 32-bit (separated only by spaces):
  The source directory
  The name/path of the logfile
  The name/path of the app removal executable

Basically, if you have modified Setup1, you need to have it create an executable called Setup1.exe.  Then use the Setup Wizard to put it all together.

You select "Application Setup Wizzard", and then select the project you want to make the setup, and then click next...


Ok, but i didn't understand your answer.
Suppose i have a vb project named xpto i create the xpto.exe
Now i use the setup wizard to create the distribution files and put them in c:\temp, but i want to ask the user for the serial number of the aplication. So what must i do?
open the setup1.vbp and add all i want and then what must be the command line to setup1.exe???????????????
And how can i put all together in the setup wizard??????????

hope clif will be back soon.
I will check back in about a hour...


Dalin you didn't answer to my problem


I think you are in the way aswer to the rest and i'll give you Excelent

As you have figured out, you would edit setup1 and put the request for the serial number there, then recompile to Setup1.exe.

After you do that, run setup wizard and follow the instructions.  When setup wizard is done, you will have what you want.

I doubt if you want to hear this, but a better alternative might be to purchase a better install engine such as InstallShield Express.  It allows you to run an application (such as a serial number verifier) from within the install.


I already posted a new mail


clifAB i think you are in the right way!!!!

Do you mean I should repost as an answer, or do you mean I'm leading you in the right direction?

I hope this helps

Programmer's Guide
Chapter 30: Distributing Your Application.
pg 713.

All setup.exe does is call setup1.exe, and depending if 32 or 16 bit does a few simple basics.

You will find all of the needed information, including the command lines that the Setup.exe sends when running setup1.exe.

You will also find all of the information for editing you install files.

I am not sure if all version of VB came with this information, I have the enterprise edition. If you find the information missing, or can't find it let me know.
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That's not entirely fair without a response from rutexavier on my last post.
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