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Video Card and MotherBoard conflict

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Last Modified: 2013-11-09
    I just bought 2 Diamond Stealth II G460 video cards and I have problems.

    I installed Windows95 OSR2 (I don't know if it has the USB support) with only the video card inserted in the AGP slot.

    The installation program recognizes a "Chips & Tech. Accelerator" video card. I change it to "Standard VGA". When Windows95 installation is finished, I install the Diamond Stealth II G460 drivers and I choose 800x600
resolution with 16 bit deep color. I restart my computer and when Windows95 starts, I have again 640x480 with 16 colors resolution and a dialog box appears "The adapter is not configured like it should be. To correct the problem, click OK button to start the New Hardware Installation Wizard".

    Then I have to choices:

    1) If I press OK then the New Hardware Installation Wizard detects a "Chips & Tech. Accelerator". I restart the computer and BINGO!!! I have 800x600 resolution with 16 bit deep color. But when I restart the computer, the dialog box appears again, and I have again a 640x480 with 16 colors
resolution. If I choose OK again, then the Wizard detects "Chips & Tech. Accelerator" again, and so on...

    2) If I press CANCEL then the Screen properties appears and I have to reduce the resolution to 640x480 with 16 color to finish the process.

    In the Device Manager I see that the video adapter "Diamond Stealth II G460" has an exclamation symbol. In the properties of the video adapter, in the General Tab I see "This device is not present, isn't working properly or
it doesn't have all the controllers. Check the hardware documentation (Code 24)"

    In the Resources tab the adapter has conflicts with "PCI standard PCI to PCI bridge" at:
    Memory Address A8000000-A8FFFFFF and D8000000-D807FFFF

    The complete list of resources used by the video card at this moment is:

    Memory Address: 000A0000-000AFFFF
    Memory Address: 000B0000-000BFFFF
    I/O Address: 03B0-03BB
    I/O Address: 03C0-03DF
    IRQ: 10
    Memory Address: A8000000-A8FFFFFF
    Memory Address: D8000000-D807FFFF

    In contrast, when I have 800x600 resolution, immediately after the Wizard detects the "Chips & Tech. Accelerator", in the Device Manager I don't see an exclamation symbol. In the General Tab says that the device is working ok, but in the Resources Tab says: "The resources used by this device are not the same that the installed configuration. To assign resources to this device manually, click the manual configuration button."

    The complete list of resources used by the video card at this moment is:

    Memory Address: 000A0000-000AFFFF
    Memory Address: 000B8000-000BFFFF
    I/O Address: 03B0-03BB
    I/O Address: 03C0-03DF

    The IRQ and the other Memory Addresses appears if I set the configuration manually....

    I already downloaded the g4609536.exe file from the Diamond web site and I updated the Video adapter Bios to version 1.14

    The problem occurs in 2 computers with the same configuration:
    * Abit BX6 motherboard
    * Pentium II 266
    * 64 Mb SDRAM
    * 5.1 Gb Western Digital Hard Drive
    * Windows 95 OSR2 in Spanish

    Any sugestion ? ? ? Thanks . . . . .

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Juan, try this:
Boot computer to safe mode. (Press F8 when you see "Starting Win95" message after memory count)
Go to Device Manager and remove any display adapters listed.
When you reboot, and Windows finds the new hardware, click "Have Disk", and point it to the location of the new drivers for your video card.
Let me know if you need more.

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My e-mail is juanr@une.edu.ve , but I have Windows95 Spanish version. The file you have supports spanish ? ? ?

It is a driver and I don't think it will make a difference, At least I hope not. I can get this one if it will help you Brazilian Portuguese. The english version is on it's way to you.


If you still have trouble, there is an Intel driver dated March 31, 1998.  It includes the PCI Bridge Fix and AGP support for the BX chipset.  USB drivers for OSR2 are also available for download here:


I hope it helps.


Thanks Wayneb, that was the problem, I didn't have the USB support for Windows 95 OSR2.... But now another problem appears. The network adapter is not working, and I don't see any conflict between resources.
I gess is a problem with the Abit MotherBoard. In the Tom's Harware Guide (http://www.sysdoc.pair.com/) I did read something about a problem with a network adapter.
And thanks rmarotta.... I'm going to the site you give me to download the updated file

I am glad to help, as far as the network problem this seems to be unrelated to the video problem.  What type network card, pci or isa.  If it is a pci card it can have something to do with it but I am not 100% sure that it does.

There is a updated bios available for your board but I don't know it fixes, and it may or may not help you solve your problem.
Try the chipset fix first.



Thanks again Wayneb, but the updates didn't work. I'm going to change the Network adapter to another slot to see what will happend....
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