Printer, Scanner, & Tape Drive on LPT1?

Can I install a parallel scanner and a parallel tape drive on the same LPT-1 port as my printer? I know I can install one of them, but can I install more than one? I am using Windows 95 and a Pentium-100 computer.
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DeCordova, here's another suggestion:
(Please re-open the question if it doesn't help.)
There is probably a printer "pass through" on at least one of those devices.
For about the same price, I would suggest you install an add-on printer port card.
This will allow you to have an additional port for use by the other device.

You may require the use of a switch to control what device you want to use.  Price about 30.00 for a quality switch.
Ralph has a very good point and it would help your situation better then a switch.

You will be able to install all three of them ( supposing hey have an input and output , that is a printer pass through ) however you will notice a reduction in thy speed .
DeCordovaAuthor Commented:
My question was whether it would work or not to install a printer, scanner, and tape drive all running off the LPT1 parallel port. I assume the devices will have a pass through. Before I buy them I want to know if it will work. If not, I will have to find an alternative, but first, will it work?

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