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hard drive setup

i changed hard drives in a packard bell 486dx from a 420 to a 2,1gig.My problem is the cmos auto detect does recognise it,i save it and it reboots to run,then it only sees a 46mb hard drive.   No matter how many times i save and try again,It only shows a 46mb hard drive.Am i doing something wrong?Thnks
1 Solution
If you have an older Packard Bell, you may need to update your BIOS.

Check on this site for some great BIOS info

You may have to use a drive overlay program that should of came with the drive to support the 2.1 Gig

I had a similar problem.. Just about pulled my hair out until I found a Bios upgrade for my system.

Hope this helps

Please provide more information.

Did you partition the new hard drive ? How many partitions, what sizes ?

Have you verified that the CMOS auto detect selects  the correct drive type and that all  drive parameters match those published by the hard disk manufacturer ?

PS. Whatever you do, avoid writing to the new hard drive while the system isn't seeing it all. It may overwrite something.

Try entering the parameters for the hard drive in CMOS setup manually.  They are probably printed on the drive's label.  
Then FDISK and format the drive normally.
If CMOS won't accept them, you will need an EIDE controller to fully access the drive's capability.
The alternative is to use drive overlay software mentioned previously.  I don't like it personally, but it will work.
Let me know if you need help to locate the parameters for your drive.

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xman12Author Commented:
I think if i read it right i have a pb450 bios.It showed it accepted the setup on the cmos but it didn't boot up as such.If i do need a bios update does packard bell offer it for free or on the net?Before i buy something i don't need to...What ios an overlay software?what is rthe best way to do this as i have never done this before and really don't want to sink that much money into the computer if you know what i mean..thanks again guys i Really appreciate the time put in for this one..
xman12Author Commented:
P.S. It didn't come with any overlay software with it it was bought at a show and was just a drive in a bag.
What is your operating system and version number?
What is the brand/model of the new hard disk?
Do you have a CDROM installed in this system?

xman12Author Commented:
i called samsung and they sent me a overlay program that was not to easy to installBut it's up and running now thanks to there tech support from disk manager software they were fantastic to call.The guy was relentless and was not happy till i was man what a joy to run in to someone like him eh?
To save the problems that are entailed by a drive overlay, and if you have a 16-bit ISA slot available, you might what to pick up a Promise Card. The PROMISE EIDE MAX card as a LBA capable BIOS onboard. You install the card, set up the drive as TYPE 10,  dont load any drivers or other software, and away you go.

Annother Downside to the overlay method is that if you eventually want to move the drive to a system that supports LBA onboard, then you will need to re-format it.There was one drive overlay that claimed to be un-installable, although I have never tested that feature of it...I cannot recall what it was at this time, Its on my laptop, but thats not here.
xman12Author Commented:
Thanks for the info but i got the drive up and running now with no problems what so ever.Again thanks
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