I picked up a couple of IBM MODEL 70 that have both ethernet & token cards installed.  Both are MCA Channel.  I also have the reference disks and setup kit for the Model 70.
What I can't figure out is how to configure the ethernet card so I can add it to my 10base2 thinnet lan.  The setup disks tell me that both of these cards are unknown type.  
But it appears obvious they came installed with them from IBM.

Can anybody help me configure these to network?
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ndnetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have some PS/2s, and MCA is junk. kmarf and wayneb, IBM's site is impossible to find anything in. Flashy graphics, no navigation. I tried to find  jumper setting for a IBM hard drive (a fairly new model), spent hours searching, to no avail. And then IBM wanted me to take a random survey. <g> They at least used to do that.

Back to you, ddillman. I would call IBM (Yes, it is an ancient technology, but it is easier) and get some help.
ddillmanAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Are these cards jumperless or do they have jumpers on board ?

They may not be the right disks after all.  I'm 99% sure you'd be able to download them.
Of course MCA is junk, but the card may or may not be IBM.  3com MCA's in particular are about as simple to setup as MCA gets, and if you have a card from a good manufacturer (not IBM, agreed - they don't care much about the PC support), they'll still have software available.

Regardless, post the make and model of the card, and I'll make a 200 point effort to track them down.
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